Run email marketing campaigns with SendGrid for EasyStore

By Amirul Mokhtar · 17th June, 2016

Run email marketing campaigns with SendGrid for EasyStore | EasyStore

With all the popular marketing channels nowadays, like social media, Facebook ads or Google ads, it is easy to overlook email marketing. Despite what people say, email still continues to outperform other channels when it comes to conversions

Why is email marketing important for your ecommerce business?

Ecommerce email marketing is the art and science of using email to generate sales for your store. (source: Digital Marketer)

It is as simple as sending an email to your customers informing about new promotions or new arrivals. Or more complex, like having automated emails sent to people who abandon their shopping carts.

Aside from the discount codes, promotions, and free shipping offers, email marketing is about building relationships

This is important because...

  • it encourages repeat purchases - Customers won't need to think twice about buying from you again
  • it builds loyalty - Referrals through word of mouth is the most effective marketing.
  • you are able to provide more value to your customers
  • you can do more cost effective marketing - It costs five times more to acquire a new customer

Introducing SendGrid

SendGrid is an email platform that helps you run email marketing campaigns as well as transactional emails. Their focus is on these 3 things:

Deliverability - Making sure that all emails get delivered and not into spam. 

Scalability - To accommodate your business growth

Actionable metrics - So you can make better business decisions 

SendGrid also provide you with tools such as email templates and drag and drop email designer, which makes creating email marketing campaigns much easier. 

SendGrid + EasyStore integration

Now you can run email marketing campaigns through integration with your online store

How does it work? 

When customers register to your store, it will be stored in your EasyStore customer management. With SendGrid integration, your customer list will be synchronized so you can run promotional campaigns or send discount codes to your whole customer list using SendGrid email tools.

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