Let Your Product Stand Out From Competitors via Personalization

By Vincent Leong · 28th April, 2022

Let Your Product Stand Out From Competitors via Personalization | EasyStore

Every consumer has unique tastes and desires when it comes to shopping. Hence it is challenging to offer a product to suit everyone. So, what is the best way to make your product more attractive and unique? Personalization is the key!

Many are attracted to the idea of personalization, especially millennials, as customized products are often related to uniqueness. Thus, many brands have been developed around the concept of personalization, offering consumers the freedom to access what they want with a single click.

Benefits of Personalization

1. Charge a higher price

Consumers are willing to pay 20% more with personalization service for a product that is uniquely theirs. Hence, increasing your product value also means that you can charge more.

2. Differentiate from your competitors

No doubt that there are countless competitors on the market offering similar products and designs. So, personalization makes your product unique and stand out from your competitors.

3. Increase word of mouth

Has someone approached you because they spotted something unique about you? It could be the outfit or something as simple as a bottle. Personalization always acts as a conversation starter as people are attracted to unique things.

Personalization is Possible With the Right Tools

Our product property app allows you to customize your product with unlimited number of fields in an intuitive interface without the need of coding knowledge.

By Installing this app, you can easily add on extra field to the product pages to collect extra information from buyers. 

How product property app works? 

You can have a column for your customer to include 

  • Engrave a name on the product with Text Input
  • Upload an image with Attachment (currently support jpg, png, jpeg, gif, svg, pdf)
  • Create options with dropdown list, radio or checklist

The Wonders of Personalization, Perfected by Our Merchants

1. Mix & match colors

The perfect combination doesn't exist NOT until the buyers have the freedom to style it themselves.

by www.omgstore.com.my

2. Insert your name

It feels good to have ownership of an item, make it even more remarkable with name crafting.

by www.babydiary.my

3. Capture the moment  

Every treasured moment comes in a different form, and you can recreate their special moment today.

by www.aprilinch.com

Other personalization tools

Message box

A message box is suitable for selling a product that requires the customer to leave some information. Add one or multiple customized message boxes for the customers to fill in their thoughts on the product. Message boxes will appear on the checkout page right before the customer places an order.

Date/time picker

The latest Date/Time Picker is suitable for businesses that allow the customers to select the delivery date and time. 

Your customers can choose any date and time between the specific range of time from your settings at checkout. This is suitable for online businesses such as:

  • Florists
  • Bakeries
  • Allow Product Customizations
  • Pre-orders Products

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