I buy online, I sell online too.

By June Sim · 24th February, 2016

I buy online, I sell online too. | EasyStore
Do you have experience buying online before? If yes, you can learn about more opportunities for my blog sharing below: In Taiwan, most people will go for online shopping when seeking their product. They also decide to sell online after having a good online buying experience. They foresee the business opportunities there and will play two different roles in their online experience, this happens in most of the matured E-Commerce market in global. For example Taiwan, Korea, Japan...etc. However in Malaysia, less than 30% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) go online to sell their product. On the other hand, there are more and more people trusting online and also prefer to buy online as their main channel to seek the product. Means that, MORE buyers are ready to buy online but LESS online seller to supply it. Demand exists in the market. If you were an online buyer before, would you consider about this possibility? Did you think about turning your role from buyer to seller? You may sell online to earn some money too! My answer to you is absolute yes. Why not try now?

Low-risk business. Worth to try.

As everyone knows, Malaysia E-Commerce is blooming now. There are many platforms and tools that you can use and sell products online easily, for example, 11street, Lelong, Lazada or EasyStore..etc. That platform helps you to start a business with low risks if compare with the previous. You only need to pay as low as RM39 per month to get your first online store or first product up online. (refer to EasyStore:http://www.easystore.my/pricing/)

Think more possibilities, take action now.

Thus, we can see numerous of success stories from individual sellers. (read the previous blog: Journey Stories: Platino.my - A special something for a special someone) They are online buyers and successful online sellers at the same time. We encourage every online buyer like you to start your online business as soon as possible. Online buyers are already quite used to online business experience, now is a great time to kick start something. Just do it!