How much should I charge for shipping?

By Amirul Mokhtar · 16th August, 2016

How much should I charge for shipping? | EasyStore

How much should I charge for shipping? Every Ecommerce Entrepreneur at some point, will have trouble answering this question. Since we provide online store solution, we get this question by online sellers all the time. The answer is… it depends. There are some factors to consider before deciding on shipping charges. In our previous post, we talked about the 5 different shipping strategies you can use for your online store. A common way to charge shipping is based on weight. For example, for every 500g of total weight you can charge a certain amount and once it exceeds a certain weight, it will be a different amount. But this leads to the same problem; not knowing how much you should charge. You can check the rates of courier companies  but there are a handful of courier companies, which makes the process tedious and very time consuming.

Shipping rates made easy

We believe that starting your online store should be easy and shipping is an important part. We recently integrated with EasyParcel so that merchants can fulfill orders much easier and faster. Along with the integration, we also added a shipping rates app by EasyParcel. If you have this app installed to your store, you won't need to go through the trouble of doing your own calculation for based-on-weight shipping settings.

How it works

The application displays a list of courier services and their corresponding shipping charges at the checkout page in real time based on items being ordered. Once customers select a shipping option, the shipping cost is added to the cart and customers can complete their purchases. You can choose to place your surcharge on top to recover some of the processing cost.

Why use EasyParcel shipping rates

The shipping rates are in real time and there are many benefits of using real-time rates instead of flat rate. Not only will it benefit you as a seller but also your customers.

  • Customers are charged reasonable rates according to the items being ordered.
  • You are assured that you will not lose money on delivery cost.
  • Allow customers to choose based on cost and preferred courier company.

For a step-by-step guide on how to get it set up, refer to the EasyParcel Malaysia rate tutorial

Get shipping rate app

*Works for Malaysia postcodes only and only available on EasyStore 2.0