How Every Customer Immerses In A Personalized Coffee Adventure with HisBrew Coffee

By Kelie Wong · 23rd November, 2023

How Every Customer Immerses In A Personalized Coffee Adventure with HisBrew Coffee | EasyStore

Dive into the world of coffee with Josh and John, the two brothers and masterminds behind HisBrew Coffee Co., on a mission to create a one-of-a-kind and personalized coffee experience for each and every customer.

Whether you're a coffee newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, HisBrew Coffee ensures that every cup is a unique journey, carefully tailored to your palate.

Before we delve into how Josh and John work their magic, let's unpack the concept of Unified Customer Experience (UCX)—the idea at the heart of their mission, reshaping the way we enjoy our coffee.

About Unified Customer Experience (UCX)

  • In 2020, the trend of selling on multiple sales channels underscored the need for businesses to establish a presence on every platform.

  • In 2022, the trend had shifted towards providing an omnichannel experience, emphasizing a seamless customer journey across all channels.

  • As we approach 2024, Unified Customer Experience (UCX) emerges as a strategic approach that focuses on providing a consistent, seamless, and personalized experience to customers across all interaction channels—be it online, in-store, through mobile apps, or social media.

This ensures that customers receive the same messaging, branding, and quality of service regardless of the channel they choose, fostering trust and brand recognition.

UCX also leverages data-driven insights to tailor interactions to individual preferences, placing the customer at the core of the business strategy.

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How HisBrew Coffee's Deliver A Unique Coffee Adventure for Every Customer 

HisBrew Coffee Co. has embraced the concept of Unified Customer Experience (UCX), a strategic approach that ensures a consistent, seamless, and personalized experience for customers across all interaction channels.

Let's delve into these approaches to comprehend how they deliver a personalized and delightful coffee shopping experience!

1. Guided Coffee Discovery 

  • Engaging Senses In-Store: Customers can visit HisBrew's physical store in Kota Kemuning, where they immerse themselves in the aroma of freshly roasted beans, explore distinct flavor profiles, and witness the art of brewing — all components of a personalized coffee adventure.
  • Seamless Online Personalization: For those unable to visit the physical store, HisBrew extends a virtual hand. Online customers receive personalized guidance, ensuring their preferences are understood even in the digital realm.
  • Guidance From Knowledgeable Team: Whether in-store or online, customers know they can trust HisBrew's knowledgeable team to uncover their unique preferences and fostering a profound connection with the coffee world.

2. Personalised Preferences

  • Unified Purchase History: Customers enjoy a consistent shopping experience, regardless of which staff member or outlet they visit as HisBrew Coffee is able to track their purchase history on EasyStore.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Customers can expect recommendations that are similar to their flavor preferences, brewing methods, and unique purchase behaviors with HisBrew's personalized approach, enhancing the overall coffee experience.
  • Flash Deals For Your Favourites: As an extra indulgence, customers enjoy occasional flash deals, adding a persuasive touch that encourages them to clear their carts! 

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3. Beans Delivered The Way Customers Prefer

  • Flexible Delivery Options: Whether customers prefer the ease of doorstep delivery, the delight of in-store selection, or the speed of same-day delivery, every customer of HisBrew truly enjoys their favorite brew hassle-free.
  • Omni-Channel Purchase Methods: Buy directly in-store or opt for online purchasing for later pick-up or doorstep delivery. This flexibility empowers customers to receive your coffee the way that suits you best.
  • Seamless Process with BOPIS: Take it a step further with HisBrew's options like Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS). Experience a seamless process tailored around your preferences, ensuring you get your coffee hassle-free.

4.  Rewards For Every Purchase

  • HisBrew Members Benefits: HisBrew's exclusive membership program goes beyond conventional discounts, fostering a unified coffee culture. Members can enjoy perks such as a 5% cash voucher for online purchases, free shipping, same-day delivery and enticing promotions.
  • Omni-Channel Rewards: Loyalty at HisBrew transcends channels. Whether online, in-store, or at pop-up booths, rewards consistently flow, loyal customers can relish the benefits anytime, anywhere.
  • Rewards Points Accumulation: Customers can accumulate points and later redeem them to get additional discount that drive more sales!

5. Member App for Ultimate Shopping Convenience

  • Restock Notifications: Ensuring customers can always get their favorite coffee beans in stock.
  • Order Updates Check: Effortlessly keep track of all order details and their own purchase history upon placing an order.
  • Shopping Freedom: Customers can shop and replenish stock anytime with the use of our member app, providing them with shopping freedom at their fingertips.

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