Happy Labour Day!

By Janson Tan · 23rd April, 2018

Happy Labour Day! | EasyStore

I believe every people around the world are excited about the Labour Day as this is the international public holiday and people are just in good mood to spend money. It represents an ideal opportunity to hold a promotion celebrating holiday, achievements, retails sales or mores around that long weekend. On this event, people are more motivated to join the contest or grab the promotions. So, here are few online marketing campaign ideas that can get more followers, strengthen loyalty and even drive sales! Take the buzz is always the correct move for your business. 

Idea #1: Social media sweepstakes

Sweepstakes campaign can effectively attract more followings and drive traffic to your fan page and online business, especially since you provide an attractive prize. Make an announcement about the Labour Day contest and offer an opportunity to win the prize for anyone who likes, comments and shares on their personal Facebook wall, your Instagram post or retweet on Twitter. Example: Happy Labor Day with a Giveaway! You can be the lucky winner of a [Prize]! In order to participate in this sweepstakes, just comment on this post explaining [What you want your users to do?]. This campaign will be ended at the [End date of the promotion]. Like our [Social media platform] to stay tuned when the winners are announced. You can also share this sweepstake and tag your friends so they can participate too! Good luck! The winners would be announced at this [Where you want to announce].

Idea #2: Labour day photo contest

The photo contest campaign could effectively encourage your customers and followers to participate by posting a photo of themselves during the Labor Day celebration. You may limit them to stick with the same theme such as best posture, best labor outfit and more. Just bear in mind that the campaign and theme shouldn't be too complicated to allow the customers dressed quite casually and upload the pictures from their phone. 

Idea #3: Reward people with promo code

This would be the most common method used to attract new customers registered and purchased from your online store. Giving out the promo code in order for the customers to make a purchase on that day.