Festive Season & Your Sales

By Fadila Aziz · 29th January, 2015

Festive Season & Your Sales | EasyStore
Malaysia synonym with multicultural country , we celebrate all type of festival every year, in other word its also a perfect time for online seller to boost up their sales when we talk about festival.
# Identify The Festival Trend
Every year the trend change, there is the year we start love fashion related to peplum, more bright color and etc. Every year will have different trend, as a seller , you need to observe the trend before you can start searching for a product to be sell online. Since its festival the item must be related to the festival only
# Start Early
As a seller , you need to start selling the item which related to the festival early, 2 months early. Why? due to festival being celebrated once a year, most of consumer will do some survey first before they make any purchases ,its very important decision because everyone want to look nice and serve a good food on the day itself. Its will be enough time for you to do pre-promotion and urgency promotion also.
# Courier Support
Courier company is your business partner, you depend on them to send your customer purchase, it's very important for you to include them in your business plan, because if normal day , your customer might receive item after 1 day being shiped out from your end,as for festival season, please advise at least 7 days working. Why? at this point all couriers will be overwhelming with a parcel, not only involve ecommerce industries, its also might include personal parcel that being sent from one individual to another individual as present. Manpower will be the most common issue when it's comes to festival season. Always plan your business, make sure you will stop any delivery 1 week before the festival itself because its not good for your reputation if your customer not able to received the item before the festival start.
Lets see some festival which is just around the corner
As florist and chocolate seller this is  are very good time for you to boost your sales, at this point you need to have website support to help managing your order, EasyStore can help you to arrange your delivery by having a feature for your customer to choose which date they wish you to deliver the flower and chocolate, because some people love to celebrate early, some love to do it as a surprise
#Chinese New Year
A festival which is synonym with RED, but still other color are acceptable! you may need to speed up a bit to do research about this year's trend and what product that suitable being sell. To cut it short you may start with house decoration while doing a research about fashion and food. you still have time to boost your sales
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