Choosing your selling platform smartly as a new seller.

By June Sim · 10th March, 2016

Choosing your selling platform smartly as a new seller. | EasyStore
Starting an online business is an exciting opportunity but also a worrying challenge for any new seller. As new sellers, you know there are rewards from a successful online business but you also foresee the challenges which stops you from taking the first step. It's all about the barriers to entering the game.
Let's take an example from some existing issue:
A high growth in E-commerce caused numerous of people starting their online business by selling in marketplaces. However, most of the sellers are facing some problems using that platform. They go into price wars, no brand identity, marketplace company shuts down in your country and so on. (read the previous blog: What we can learn from Rakuten closing down in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.)
Selecting the correct platform is an important decision that every seller needs to look into before you start selling online. (refer to previous blog: 6 tips to help you choose a suitable platform)
However, don't let any obstacles stop you from trying.
Try to imagine...
If you are given a chance to start your first online store for just RM39 / 15 USD, would you try it?Furthermore, you can subscribe on a monthly basis.
if there is an easy-to-use tool to help you set up your online store in 2 hours time? I believe all of that is possible because more and more businesses are providing this opportunity for online sellers.
I would like to share out a lower barrier opportunity which meets the entry requirement from new sellers. The first e-commerce service provider in Malaysia to provide monthly subscription on online store plans for new online sellers. And this new subscription method is provided by EasyStore starting from 7th March 2016.
It means anyone who is interested in starting an online store can start to build your own online store without having to commit to a yearly subscription. EasyStore hopes to lower down the barrier for any new sellers with a set of easy-to-use online store building tool. (If you would like to know more the new pricing from EasyStore, kindly click here)
I encourage every new seller to study more about the platforms before you start selling on that platform. Choose a low-cost, easy-to-use tools to help you take the first step, you will know the next step after starting it, but the start is the key.