April 2024 Product Updates

By Kelie Wong · 1st May, 2024

April 2024 Product Updates | EasyStore

Amplifying The Sell-To-Sold Process

This month, we're excited to share the updates and improvements our team has made for your business efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

We're dedicated to simplifying the process for businesses like yours to deliver unified customer experiences without needing to do a lot of extra or heavily manual work.

Throughout this journey, we actively integrate feedback and feature requests from our merchants, ensuring we're always meeting your needs.

Let's dive in and see what's new!

EasyStore April 2024 Product Updates 

  1. [Membership]: Loyalty Program Facelift
  2. [POS]: Order Return and Refund
  3. [POS]: Accept Payment via Payex Terminal
  4. [POS]: Tap-To-Pay Payment with AsiaPay 
  5. [POS]: Schedule Pickup
  6. [App]: 1 Utama App Integration
  7. [Admin - WhatsApp Broadcast]: New Blasting Flow
  8. [Admin - Locations]: Store Visibility Setting
  9. [Admin - Customer]: "Credit" and "Point" Balance Filter
  10. [Facebook Conversion API]2 New Parameters

1. [Membership]: Loyalty Program Facelift

We've improved clarity for your loyal customers, making it simpler to entice them into your loyalty program, which spans both the Online Store and the Shopping App.

Now, customers can check: 

  • Loyalty Program Page: This is a dedicated page for membership that showcases the tiers available and their associated benefits.

  • Membership Insights: Customers can click the ‘arrow’ next to their membership tier to access existing membership benefits and view all the available membership tiers. 

  • Point Calculator: Customers are shown the number points they can earn for their purchases.

  • Point History Page: Customers can track their points accumulation and redemptions, enticing them to make repeated purchase by converting them into discounts.
  • Credit History Page: Enables customers to verify past credit usage for purchases and review available credit for future utilization.

  • Voucher and Points Expiration Reminder: Remind customers about voucher and points that are expiring. 

  • More Ways To Earn Points: You can now set specific points earning benefits for specific purchases - eg. when customer place a normal order, celebrate a birthday, or sign up as new members. 

Moreover, we've expanded the membership discount parameters. You can now set: 

  • Redemption Criteria: Establish a minimum purchase amount for point/credit redemption.

  • Usage Cap: Set a usage cap for credits/points that can be applied per order.

  • Point / Credit Issuance and Clawback: Manually manage point or credit issuance and clawbacks in orders. You may also opt for automatic point/credit clawback (applies to automated order cancellations).

Clawback refers to the process of reclaiming the points that customers have earned from a particular purchase.

2. [POS]: Order Return and Refund

You can now facilitate returns and refunds directly on the point of sale (POS). 

To access this feature, click on "Orders," then you will see "Order Return" and "Order Refund" buttons.

For Order Returns:

  • Click on "Order Return."
  • Select the reason for the return and the quantity, and create the return.
  • Include a seller note for internal reference.
  • Optionally, send a notification email to customers regarding the return status.
  • Once everything is set, click on "Return."

For Order Refunds:

  • Select "Order Refund."
  • Input the refund amount and reason.
  • Choose whether the refund should be in credit or cash.
  • Claw back points earned from the purchase if necessary.

3. [POS]: Accept Payment via Payex Terminal

Introducing a new method for credit card payments via the Payex terminal device (required to purchase from Payex). 

Ideal for merchants utilizing mobile POS systems such as phones or tablets who want to offer credit card payment options without an NFC device. Customers pay through the Payex terminal. 

Please note that both devices must be on the same internet network.

4. [POS]: Tap-To-Pay Payment with AsiaPay 

Introducing AsiaPay, another integrated payment gateway for POS systems that also includes Tap-To-Pay functionality.

No external devices are needed, you will only need to install AsiaPay AppPay mobile application and integrate it with EasyStore POS. 

This new payment method offers convenience for customers, providing flexibility in making payments.

5. [POS]: Schedule Pickup 

Schedule Pickup is now available in mobile and web version, also supporting 3rd party pickup apps. 

6. [App]: 1 Utama App Integration

If you have a retail or pop-up store in 1 Utama, this new intergration will be beneficial for you.

EasyStore has completed the technical integration with the 1 Utama Shopping Mall system, allowing you to automatic synchronized sales into 1 Utama system! 

Simply just download and integrate 1 Utama app in EasyStore back office to experience seamless retail management. 

This way, you can easily incorporate EasyStore POS for your improved efficiency and enhanced shopping experience! 

For more details, please contact our merchant success advisors directly here

7. [Admin - WhatsApp Broadcast]: New Blasting Flow

Prior to this update, for every WhatsApp message broadcast, you were required to create a WhatsApp template beforehand.

Now, you'll only need to :

  • Input the content you want to broadcast,

  • EasyStore backend will automatically generate a WhatsApp template,

  • The template will be sent for approval from Meta (typically takes around 1 minute), 

  • Once Meta approves the template, the broadcast will be sent out.

8. [Admin - Locations]: Store Visibility Setting

We've introduced a new feature: store visibility settings in the location settings page.

To access this: navigate to "Settings", then "Locations", select your desired location, and scroll down to find the "Store Visibility" option.

  • Enabling this feature allows you to display the selected store location for customers to view your retail locations and their corresponding business hours. 

  • Disabling it indicates that the location will only be available for backend use, such as for warehouses, or visual location purposes (isolated inventory for marketplaces). Customers will not have visibility of these locations.

9. [Admin - Customer]: "Credit" and "Point" Balance Filter

"Credit" and "Point" balance filter and sorting allows businesses to segment their customer base effectively, target customers based on their points or credit balances, personalize marketing efforts, and incentivize desired behaviors such as referrals or repeat purchases.

Here are some use-case examples: 

  • Segmented Targeting: For instance, you can utilize these filters to offer personalized discounts based on customers' loyalty points balance, such as targeting those with more than 500 points and fewer than 10 credits with special discount offers. This not only encourages customers to redeem their points but also motivates them to earn more credits for future benefits. 

  • VIP Identifier: Similarly, you can also reward your most loyal customers by filtering those with a high points balance (e.g., more than 2000 points) using the "Point" balance filter, creating a VIP customer segment. These VIP customers can then receive exclusive perks or early access to new products, fostering loyalty, retention, and overall customer satisfaction.

10. [Facebook Conversion API]: 2 New Parameters

The addition of two new parameters, Browser ID (fbp) and Click ID (fbc), to the Facebook Tracking Conversion API help you track user actions accurately, understand the effectiveness of your ads, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

This includes:

  • Tracking Across Devices: Browser ID (fbp) follow users across different devices or browsers, ensuring accurate tracking of their actions.

  • Attribute Conversions: Click ID (fbc) enables better tracking of conversions back to specific ad clicks. This helps you identify which ads are driving the most conversions, allowing for better optimization of advertising efforts.

  • Improve Data Accuracy: With more data points, tracking becomes more accurate, reducing the chances of data loss or errors in reporting.

  • Stay Compliant: By utilizing these parameters, you align with privacy regulations as they offer more privacy-friendly tracking methods.

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