5 Ways To Build Brand Awareness, Increase Successful Transaction Rate & Sales For Your Online Business

By Karyan Lee · 7th May, 2018

5 Ways To Build Brand Awareness, Increase Successful Transaction Rate & Sales For Your Online Business | EasyStore

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, what concerned you the most? Driving traffic and sales to your online business? Increase successful transaction rate or getting brand awareness? No worries, we are putting up few methods that you can apply for your online business, even if you are just starting out your online business journey.

1) Integrate with payment gateways

It is proven that by using local payment gateways, it will help to increase 20% to 40% of sales. Allowing your customers to checkout on your store, and pay with payment gateway helps to reduce abandoned cart because your customers will no longer need to go through multiple steps of manual banking method just to make payment for their orders. Not only that, payment gateway also helps to reduce online fraud. Customers who use credit/ debit card to pay for their orders will need to enter CVV (Card Verification Code). A CVV filter acts as an added security measure, allowing only the cardholder to use the card since it is available only on the printed card. And for customers who paid through online banking will be requested to enter a security code as know as TAC before completing the purchase. 

2) Giveaways

Running giveaways are old, but gold. It involves a few types of giveaways such as a giveaway with purchase, contest giveaway, a giveaway to grow your e-mail subscription list. While running giveaways, you should only focus on one type of giveaway and do what you can with it to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to build brand awareness, then you should only consider one type of giveaway to achieve it. Another important factor that would also affect the participation rate for your giveaway is the prize or the products you are giving away. It is essential to consider what type of prizes or products you want to giveaway, and it has to be special. One of the ideas is giving away a product that is limited edition or a product that has yet to launch on your online store. This way, participants will feel that it is "exclusive", or "special" if they won the giveaway.

3) Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you to reach the right customers eventually and boost the repurchase rate, or even acquire new customers. According to a research, email conversion is higher than both social media and organic search, 2 times higher than the organic search in fact. To reach the right audience, you will need to start collecting email from your customers and segment them into different customer group. You can start building your email list and send personalized email content through these two recommended email marketing apps called MailChimp or MailerLite.

4) Integrate with advance apps

To build brand awareness, increase successful transaction rate and sales for your online store, you should have sufficient apps to support your marketing activities. From running a promotion, providing customers with service, sync your products to other sales channel, our apps got you covered. EasyStore has integrated over 80 applications available for all merchants to install for their online store. Included apps for marketing, customer service, sales channel, shipping and logistic, analytics or tracking tools. If you don't know which app to install, e have previously written a post about Top 5 Apps Favoured by Our Successful Merchants for your reference. If you are interested to know more about our apps, visit the link here!

5) Seamless payment experience

Seamless payment is a payment method available on an online retailer that does not require their customers to re-enter their credit/ debit card information to make payment. When making payment, customers will not be redirected to payment gateway site, but remain on the online retailer's site to pay. It is faster, more convenient and helps your online store to increase successful transaction rate as well as reducing abandoned cart. EasyStore have officially launched the seamless payment experience and every EasyStore's merchant can enabled it if they have registered with these two payment gateways - Braintree or ECPay (we will have more payment gateways that have seamless payment very soon!).  Experience the seamless payment on your online store now here! No matter which business type you are running, these 5 methods will have no problem to fit in! Let us know if  you have tried using any of it as recommended.