4 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Give Up

By Karyan Lee · 16th October, 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Give Up | EasyStore
" Is this path that I'm walking is the right path? " 
" Why am I still not moving forward to anywhere? " 
" There are so many people out there whom have already achieved greater success than me, what am I still doing here? " 
" I think it is better to give up now than letting everyone to laugh at my failure. "

Are these familiar to you in your journey of entrepreneur? It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. - Confucius  Often time, it'll be tiring to walk such a long journey without seeing results, or even not moving anywhere. You felt like you're stuck and the greatest weakness is to give up. But little do you know, best thing comes last to those who wait.  There are always reason why the process to success is slow, but at least you are not stopping and keep moving forward. In my opinion, what matter most is that you know your purpose and direction clear. Probably there are countless of positive vibe in you but you have not realize it. Bear in mind that, to have a taste of success you need to go through the taste of being defeated.  If you are feeling demotivated, these are the reasons to keep you going. 1) This is not the end as long as you're still alive As long as you are still living in this planet, there are still plenty of opportunities and endless possibilities waiting for you to be discovered. Technology is advancing, knowledge and information are increasing, things will only get better if you keep improving. 2) You're reaching towards your goal nearer than you think! Lost is what you would feel if you're trapped in the situation. If you pull yourself out from the situation and looking at the big picture, you will realize you're not drowning & yet the shore is near! If you ever feel like you're trapped, remember that the word "give" and "up" should not be together. You should always "give" all you can and "up" for all the challenges. 3) Believe in your dreams If you dare to dream it, then you can do it. There are a millions of dreamer before you and if they ever give up the world won't be the same now. So don't ever under-rate your dream or let anyone bring you down. Fold your sleeves up, hold your fist tight and keep going. 4) You don't want to regret Ask yourself, in 10 years time would you tell yourself "I should have do it"? If yes, you got to keep going because regret is a worse feeling a person can feel. No matter how tough the situation is, re-evaluate and keep yourself focus. You are already one step ahead of those who are not starting anything.