3 Tips of Choosing Your Payment Gateway

By Fadila Aziz · 18th January, 2015

3 Tips of Choosing Your Payment Gateway | EasyStore
What is Payment Gateway? 
A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar. 
Brand name, Product, Security, Shopping Card and Payment gateway is the fundamental of ecommerce business. Customer will feel frustrated once they know that your website not able to received payment through credit card and debit card. Using traditional way (Cash Deposit) is good but it can be consider as time consuming activity, why make you customer travel all the way to find cash deposit machine if you can be bring the facilities to them
Below is: 3 tips you need to know when you have payment gateway
# Low Transaction Fee
As merchant it’s very important to bear in mind the transaction fee of payment gateway need to bear by merchant not buyer. That why it’s very important for merchant to have payment gateway which is offer low transaction fee either for credit card or online banking. This transaction fee will be deduct from fully amount of the transaction.
# Stable
Choose a good payment gateway is very important, bear in mind, your customer will make payment from different type of bank, please secure payment gateway which able to accept payment from various type of bank through Credit or Debit Card. With having heavy transaction from your website it’s very important to have payment gateway that able to support your business 24 hours and having low possibility to down on peak hours for business.
# 24 Hours Waiting Period
When you using payment gateway as your payment method, always have this as one of you process flow, credit card only reflect after 24 hours, therefore it’s very important for seller to hold item for 24 hours if the customer already make payment, because before 24 hours, customer have right to cancel the transaction with several reason, misplace card, being stolen and etc.
Imagine if you sent the item 2 hours after customer make payment using credit card and through payment gateway, after you provide tracking number to your customer, customer call bank to cancel the transaction. You will be in total lost, you already sent the item, but the payment will not be transfer to your bank account. Therefore, have 24 hours “cooling period “is very important to prevent any attempt of fraud from your buyer side.
It’s very important to have some knowledge on payment gateway before we can start using it.