EasyStore in 2021: Best of The Best Yearly Recap

By Mei Xin · 15th January, 2022

EasyStore in 2021: Best of The Best Yearly Recap | EasyStore

Like 2020, the year 2021 brought with it some unexpected twists and turns, but we gave it our all, continuing to take EasyStore to new heights to open up more sales channels and bring more ecommerce knowledge for businesses to reach different types of customers and boost your sales across the globe.

To begin in a new year in 2022 is the best way to look back and sum up the things that made 2021 so special. Thus, welcome to EasyStore Blog’s annual recap! Let’s take a look at the new features and enhancements EasyStore delivered in 2021.

Here are the highlights you should take a look at:

1. Support Local Businesses to Digitalize

2. Added More Sales Channels

3. Our Proudest Releases and Enhancements

4. New Payment Integrations

5. New Logistic Integrations

6. Join Forces via FoodBank.Digital

7. Help Local Businesses Export to Taiwan

Support Local Businesses to Digitalize for Free During MCO

Starting from 21st June 2021, we’re proud to announce that EasyStore is offering free single sales channels (Online Store, Facebook Live, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Telegram) for as long as you want to support more local businesses on their way to digitalization. Wait no more, get started with All-in-One Ecommerce Solution today! Check it out here.

We’ve Added More Sales Channels to Expand Your Reach

You have a brand, you have a great marketing strategy, and now you have all the sales channels that can help you to expose your brand and grab more sales via EasyStore. In the mid-year of 2021, we have opened doors for you to boost your brand exposure. Within a year, we've launched WeChat Order Form, Telegram Order Form, Google Shopping to expand your audience, build brand affinity, and cultivate leads. It’s time to reach a wider audience here.

Our Proudest Releases and Enhancements

1. Multiple Sales Channels

1.1 Online Store

New Checkout Page to Increase Customers’ Shopping Experience

We’ve enhanced our checkout page to provide your customers with a good shopping experience and boost your conversion.

[New] Insert Code Makes You Easier to Add Header and Footer Code

Afraid of messing up the coding of your online store when you just want to add simple coding inside? Insert Code allows you to add code easily and safely without directly editing your online store theme files.

[New] Create Custom Attributes To Understand Your Customers Better 

Wish to learn more about your customers? You can now create custom attributes to collect customers’ information to focus more precisely on providing promotions, matching the needs and desires of the customers.

[New] Make Your Product Customizable With Product Property

Our product personalization tool allows your customers to add a personal touch to their purchases with an unlimited number of fields in an intuitive interface without the need of coding knowledge. By installing this app, you can easily add an extra field to the product pages to collect extra information from buyers. For example, you can create a column for your customer to leave down their remarks that they wish to engrave a name on the product, and this information will be shown in your order details.

Photo source: Baby Diary 

[New] Enable Infinite Scrolling for Frictionless Browsing Experience

Your customers can scroll through your products instead of clicking through each page. As the customer scrolls down on the collection page, it will automatically load the rest of the collection's products.

[New] Product Recommender Drives You More Sales

Majority of ecommerce visitors go to an online store without knowing what they want to buy beforehand. As a merchant, you can add product recommendations to suggest, guide, and convert these visitors into customers. By enabling this app, it provides your customers a quicker and easier way to look for the products that they might be interested in.

Create Clickable Pop-up for Your Online Store

Easy Pop Up allows you to create and manage powerful promotion pop-ups or announcements that will help you grab your visitors’ attention. Thus, you are able to drive sales directly and funnel visitors to your checkout by clicking the CTA button.

Customizable Product Label that Grab Customers’ Attention

Enable you to add customized product labels for each product. You can either choose to use your own customized words as labels or select an existing label image. Besides, you can also choose a perfect label position to make customers look at the first glance. This will attract customers indirectly increase your store traffic.

Send Automated Review Reminder Emails to Customers with Product Star Rating

You are able to auto send customizable post-purchase review emails to customers in order to gain better brand recognition in the most effective way.

1.2 Facebook

More Detailed Product Sync to Facebook Product Catalogue

With these enhancements, we’ve provided a detailed synchronization for Facebook Product Catalogue you should take note of: 

  • Choose to publish or unpublish the products to Facebook Catalog
  • Specify the Facebook Products Category field for each product
  • Specify attributes fields that recommended by Facebook (based on selected Facebook Products Category)
  • Sync more details synchronization by variants level, sales price (include promotion calculation) and inventory

1.3 Facebook Live

Auto-Generated Product Code 

Making Facebook Live seamless, where EasyStore can auto-generate product codes for any product added. Besides, if one product has several variants, you are able to display all the product variants during Facebook Live. As well, no matter uppercase or lowercase of product code in the comment section, it will not affect the ordering process.

1.4 Messenger

Order Confirmation via Messenger

Want to notify and update your customers on their orders via messenger? Once customers have successfully placed an order, they may click on the Keep Me Updated button to get the latest notification of their orders.

1.5 Instagram Bio Shop

Add More Than One Link to Make Your Bio Link Valuable

You are able to add up to 10 links that can send your visitors directly to the particular pages from Instagram Bio Shop.

Your Customers Can Browse And Shop More Than One Product

With this shopping cart feature, customers are able to add multiple products to the cart before proceeding to checkout. They are able to view the added product in the cart.

1.6 EasyStore Mobile App

Latest EasyStore Mobile App Updates to Run Your Business Wherever You Are

To provide more functional and interactive tools for you to do better in online selling with EasyStore Mobile App, we’ve built and provided new solutions that will assist you in running your business more efficiently, no matter where you are. Check out 2 blogs of the latest enhancements here, First Updates and Second Updates.

First Updates:

  1. New interface in mobile app
  2. POS system in mobile app
  3. Update product details within mobile app
  4. View business performance in mobile app
  5. Filter products and orders in mobile app
  6. Quick find customers in mobile app

Second Updates:

  1. Refund an order
  2. Cancel, archive and delete orders
  3. Check order status
  4. Filter report based on channels, teammates and date range
  5. Edit fulfillment information and address
  6. Add or remove customer to an existing order 
  7. Edit Manage customer remarks and seller note
  8. New interface for POS checkout
  9. Create a receipt
  10. Manage WhatsApp order form

1.7 Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing Enhancement that Wins More Customers

Referral Marketing is one of the powerful marketing strategies that you couldn't neglect, thus, we provide you with a wealth of information at a glance to track your best marketing strategies.

With these enhancements, you can:

  • Set fixed amount commission and minimum purchase amount
  • Auto remove commission once an order is being refunded
  • Generate automated sales commission email
  • Track unpaid commissions and payout records
  • Set a commission pending period
  • Motivate your staff to earn commissions by sharing the purchase link along with a referral code

1.8 Marketplace

Bulk Sync All Products to Shopee and Lazada

Have over 50 products? No worry, you just need one click to bulk sync all of your products to Shopee and Lazada.

Auto Sync Order Refunds From Lazada

For Lazada paid orders which have been canceled, the status would be updated to Refunded & Restocked in EasyStore once the Lazada orders have been successfully refunded.

Treat Shopee Coins & Lazada Voucher As Your Payment Methods

By selecting this option, Shopee/Lazada coins and vouchers will be captured as transactions and will reflect in order details page.

1.9 Business Solution

Inventory Forecasting Helps To Predict Inventory Levels

Does inventory management become one of the biggest challenges for you to manage inventory in different sales channels? We’ve come out with inventory forecasting to help every business make better decisions in estimating the cost of revenue and sales accurately based on where they can predict in the short-term and long-term performance.

One Click to Sync Your Orders And Products to Your AutoCount System

Synchronise orders, products, and refunds to your AutoCount system to speed up accounting progress.

Warehouse Solution with iStore iSend

Whether you need warehousing, pick and pack services, delivery, or order tracking features, you can get all your needs to achieve here with iStore iSend.

Notify Your Customers About Order Fulfillment via OneWaySMS

Wish to inform your customers on the order fulfillment updates via SMS? You can now send the order fulfillment updates to your customers via EasyStore dashboard.

Convert New Customers into Returning Customers with OneWayLoyalty

With this app integration, you are allowed to retain customers using memberships and digital rewards.

New Payment Integrations

Getting paid is elemental to your success! To bring value and ease of use payment solutions, we’ve teamed up with a total of 14 new payment solutions to help you effectively grow your business. A few notable mentions:


New Logistic Integrations

To bring efficient logistics to your business, we’ve armed with 6 new logistics to make your success demands minute attention to detail.

Lalamove IndonesiaLalamove Hong KongLalamove Singapore
SkynetJanio LogisticsABX Express

Join Forces to Help Over 51,000 Families via FoodBank.Digital

We've made it happen! On 3 July 2021, EasyStore together with Exabytes, EasyParcel, and Pgeon launched FoodBank.Digital for the underprivileged to make them have access to free daily essentials.

Help 800 Local Businesses to Get FREE Exposure in Malaysia and Taiwan

Malaysia Select is organized by EasyStore and MDEC together with Taiwan government and local ecommerce partners to help local businesses to break through the international barrier in equipping them with the necessities to export, to Taiwan. We’ve successfully introduced over 800 local merchants to sell across Taiwan as well as over 1 million FREE website traffics.

To Wrap Up 2021

We want to thank each and every one of our merchants and partners for either giving EasyStore a try or partnering with us.

As always, we will continue to strive to better our features and tools in the near future - most of which we will keep secret, so stay tuned for everything in this 2022.