6 Types of POS Devices for Modern Retailers [2024]

By Kelie Wong 路 17th March, 2024

6 Types of POS Devices for Modern Retailers [2024] | EasyStore

Traditional solutions are no longer sufficient; it's time to look forward to a cloud-based, integrated Point-Of-Sale system that plays a crucial role in streamlining retail and ecommerce operations while seamlessly integrating customer experiences. 

This shift is essential for unifying shopping experience - a key aspect that customers love.

POS System vs POS Device

Before delving into specific devices, it's crucial to distinguish between POS systems and devices.

  • POS system is the software responsible for checkout processes with integrated functionalities of unified customer data management, sales tracking, inventory control, and online channel synchronization, such as EasyStore mobile Point-Of-Sale.

  • POS device constitutes the hardware components driving a POS system, ensuring an efficient checkout experience. Examples include smartphones, tablets, mobile terminals, and barcode scanners, each tailored for specific retail operations.

Synergy For Success

The teamwork between POS devices and systems is crucial for a smooth retail experience, making sure the solution operates seamlessly and stays up-to-date with the latest features and enhancement.

 A prime example is the exclusive partnership between EasyStore and Sunmi. Together, they bring forth intelligent IoT devices seamlessly integrated with EasyStore solutions that grants businesses first access to updates while ensuring premium support, significantly elevating their retail operation and customer experience.

Now, let's take a closer look at essential 6 Types of POS Device for modern retailers, and how they can make managing retail and online operations easy. 

1. Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets stand out as a cost-effective POS solution, offering a multitude of advantages with little to no setup required. They have the capacity to handle various digital tasks efficiently, making them a versatile choice for businesses:

  • Process transactions anywhere: Flexibility to handle transactions not just in-store but also during bazaar events, enabling sales in diverse settings.

  • Live data tracking: Record and track physical sales, orders, inventory levels, and comprehensive customer data.

  • Facilitate in-store shopping experiences. Enhances in-store shopping experience by facilitating quick inventory searches, ensuring accurate and prompt information for customers.

  • Camera functionality for universal scanning: Equipped with cameras, tablets offer universal scanning capabilities for product barcodes, orders, and customer information, streamlining the checkout process.

  • [EasyStore Exclusive] Cross-channel communication: EasyStore's mPOS allows for cross-channel communication, eliminating the limitation to a single channel. Staff can directly communicate with customers via the unified inbox, enhancing customer engagement.

  • [EasyStore Exclusive] Broadcast messages for in-store visits and promotions: Retailers can leverage EasyStore mPOS to broadcast messages, driving in-store visits and promoting special offers or events, effectively engaging with customers.

The flexibility of using your existing device as a POS offers numerous benefits. Don't underestimate its capability. Learn how EasyStore merchant, Akudesign, utilized EasyStore's mPOS via iPad and achieved 5x revenue growth.

2. Mobile Terminal 

A mobile terminal is a compact device designed for on-the-go transactions, offering versatile payment methods such as credit and debit cards through tapping, inserting, or swiping. In line with technological advancements, modern mobile terminals now also support NFC or tap-to-pay payments, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, contributing to the flourishing trend of a walletless economy.

While external readers typically function as standalone hardware, EasyStore's partnership with Sunmi ensures the provision of built-in and supported software, granting users first-access to updates. 

Supported models include:

  • Sunmi v2
  • Sunmi v2pro
  • Sunmi v2s (supports NFC)
  • Sunmi v3mix (supports NFC)

3. Desktop Terminal 

For businesses aiming for a more robust counter appearance, the desktop terminal is a compelling choice. These bulkier counters offer certain advantages, such as increased durability and enhanced features.

Sunmi, for instance, provides desktop terminals with a dual-screen (Secondary Display) feature, enabling businesses to engage customers with upselling opportunities before the final checkout.

Supported models include:

  • Sunmi T2
  • Sunmi T2S

4. Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are external devices utilized to quickly scan products for checkout, particularly in cases where there is no built-in camera in the POS device. A reliable barcode scanner should possess the capability to search for products, manage inventory, and facilitate order navigation for seamless operations.

Supported models include:

  • Sunmi 2D handheld scanner
  • Sunmi Link

5. Cash Drawers

Customers still prefer cash? You will need to prepare a cash register then. But you need to make sure cash flow is trackable with open and close shift functionalities. 

Supported models include:

  • Sunmi Max Cash Drawer

6. Receipt Printers 

If you鈥檙e not using Sunmi device as recommended above, you will need additional devices for printing. This section will list out the model of other supported external receipt printer.

Is your POS future-ready? 馃

An efficient and modern checkout system is now a pivotal component of the physical shopping experience. Your system or device can directly influence whether a customer chooses to return. 

Here are some key questions to consider:

Transaction Time:

  • How long does it take to process a transaction?
  • What happens if the device dies off?
  • What's the plan if existing counters are busy?

Checkout Journey:
  • How easy is the checkout process?
  • Are there any quick actions available?
  • How do you identify customers during checkout?

Journey to Customer:
  • How easily can you collect customer data?
  • Can customers claim benefits across online and offline platforms?
  • Is the system capable of facilitating omnichannel orders, such as BOPIS or in-store shipping to customers?

Essentially, you want to ensure that the POS not only records your transactions but also has the capability to streamline operations for your team, empowering them to meet the demands of customers today - a seamless, connected, and personalized shopping experience.

[NEW] EasyStore POS got a BIG upgrade! 馃敶

EasyStore's brand-new mobile Point-Of-Sale is at the forefront of this revolution, not just recording transactions but also deepening customer engagement. 

Designed with the tools you need to capture every opportunity to bring your customer relationship to the next level, it serves as a key business asset to unify your operations for greater scalability.

  • Turn any device into POS: Turn any device into a POS with just a few clicks, transforming phones or tablets into efficient tools for serving multiple customers simultaneously, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

  • Customisable Quick Actions and Navigations: Customize your checkout flow with quick actions tailored to your business needs, guaranteeing an efficient and stylish transaction journey.

  • Staff-Empowered Interface: EasyStore mPOS provides a user-friendly interface for swift and engaging checkouts during bustling sales, with Universal Scan and Search tools to easily search products, customers, and orders at your fingertips.

  • 99.9% Successful Payment: Nearly 8 in 10 customers abandon their carts if their preferred payment method is unavailable. EasyStore supports NFC, TNG, eWallet, Cash, Credit Card and BuyNowPayLater (BNLP) payment methodscatering to diverse preferences. What's more, our extensive network includes partnerships with 50+ payment providers, providing a secure payment experience that customers trust and businesses rely.

  • Loyal Member Identifier: Identify loyal members swiftly through barcode scans or customer details, triggering a customer insights dashboard for personalized interactions and efficient order management. For non-members, prompt for details, effortlessly enrolling them in your membership system and growing your customer database.

  • Smart Discount Insights: During checkout, mPOS system dynamically updates and presents maximum discounts for specific customers, ensuring they can always redeem their benefits. This enhances satisfaction and empowers staff for better interactions.

  • Send Voucher: Proactively send vouchers to customers before checkout, strategically maximizing the impact of the final push and encouraging confident transactions.

  • Offline-Ready POS: In low internet areas or during outages, EasyStore mPOS seamlessly functions in offline mode. Once reconnected, your orders, sales, and customer database will be automatically synchronized.

Delivering Next Level Customer Experiences

Unified Customer Experience (UCX) is a strategy that seeks to seamlessly integrate the online and offline aspects of retail. It involves creating a harmonized experience for customers where their online activities and preferences seamlessly translate into the offline environment and vice versa. This strategy aims to provide a unified and holistic customer journey.

POS System serves as a pivotal tool in supporting unified commerce. If you're prepared to centralize your entire retail and ecommerce business in one place, reach out to us today.

Over 50,000 brands use EasyStore to unify their retail and ecommerce business.

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