5 Apps I use to automate my online business

By Amirul Mokhtar · 14th March, 2017

5 Apps I use to automate my online business | EasyStore

Previously I shared with you how I grew my business without much effort and headaches by using EasyStore. (Click here if you missed it). In this post, I will share with you exactly the apps I have installed in my online store to automate some of my business processes. These automation saves me time so I am able focus on things that matters.

#1 Facebook Pixel App

I use Facebook adverts to help me get prospects to my business without me having to go find them myself. Facebook will do all the work for you. You just set the different criteria of who you want to target and Facebook will show the ads to them on their newsfeed. The Facebook Pixel App allows me to install Facebook Pixel on my website without having to know coding or hiring a developer. Related: A newbie's guide to Facebook Advertising [Part 1]

#2 Facebook Promoter

Engagement with potential customers on Facebook is really important for my business. They still prefer to have conversations before making a purchase. Potential customers will message you at any time and if you don't respond quick enough, they will immediately lose interest in your business. Facebook Promoter App helps me by automatically responding to Facebook comments and also initiating the conversation through private message. You can even set up the message to make it match your business tone.

#3 Modern App

This is a great live chat app to use for your online store. It's great because your customers and your website visitors can connect with your business through a familiar messaging platform which is Facebook Messenger. Messages will go straight to my FB page inbox so I don't need to go to another platform just to chat with them. And you'll still be able to continue the conversation even if they left your site. Something that most live chat apps lack.

#4 MailerLite

This app allows me to send out newsletters to all my customers and anyone subscribed to my newsletter. It's a great way to keep in touch with customers and potential customers without having to reach out to them one by one. This not only saves me time but it's a cost effective way to increase conversions. MailerLite also provide templates and drag&drop features for us to create beautiful, professional newsletters even if we do not have any design or coding skills.

#5 Multi-channel selling

EasyStore makes it easy for me to gain more exposure through e-marketplaces. I can link all my products from my online store to multiple marketplaces with just a few clicks. These marketplaces does marketing to bring more potential customers to you and they charge a small commission only if you have sales. You can view the list of marketplaces available here.