This Boss Has Trust Issues With His Streetwear Business, But It's For A Good Reason

By Kelie Wong · 1st March, 2024

This Boss Has Trust Issues With His Streetwear Business, But It's For A Good Reason | EasyStore

Kim, the Director of The Hype Room, discovered his passion for streetwear through skateboarding and sneakers. In 2018, he launched this side-hustle business, beginning his journey as a student entrepreneur alongside his partner, Dennis.

They initially accepted orders through WhatsApp and Instagram, relying on cash on delivery as their primary payment method. As their business expanded, they ventured into Shopee and eventually established their branded online store. The next significant step was the opening of their retail store in Nadayu Bandar Sunway, a prime area known for its student population - primary target audience for streetwear apparels.

This move marked their official transition to omnichannel selling and providing a seamless and unified shopping experience that resonated with their customers, powered by EasyStore's Unified Commerce Solution. 

The Hype Room witnessed: 

  • 34% increase in revenue growth, 
  • 40% increase in average order value (AOV), and
  • 54%customer base growth yearly. 

This is precisely the reason the boss had trust issues with his business. He didn't believe he could transform this side hustle business into a streetwear powerhouse, scaling to the size it is today. And this inspired him to aim for the next level - going global!

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The Hype Room's Commitment to Unifying Customer Experience

Kim emphasizes the importance of understanding the behaviors and demands of today's shoppers, urging businesses to align with these trends to enhance the overall customer experience.

Online channels are crucial for building brand awareness and providing shopping convenience. Simultaneously, offline channels empower businesses to establish closer connections with customers. 

In combination, Unified Customer Experience (UCX) fosters an urge for customers to make repeated purchases through positive and personalized shopping experiences.

Now, let's delve into the step-by-step initiatives that allowed The Hype Room to stand out in the market and capture the hearts of customers.

1. Setting Up Branded Online Store 

Customers often survey online before buying or deciding whether to visit their retail store. Considering that, having a branded online store has been beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Brand Authority: Build authority in the eyes of new customers, positioning The Hype Room as a reliable go-to place for streetwear.

  • Customer Reviews: Prominently showcasing authentic customer reviews offers potential customers a genuine and transparent insight into their experiences.

  • Secure Verification: The process of setting up an online store may involve legal verifications, especially for payment gateways. With all these processes in place, The Hype Room enhances trust, assuring customers of a secure environment for their purchases.

2. Maintaining Consistent Omni-channel Presence

Customers anticipate a uniform shopping experience that includes precise product listings, accurate promotion details, and timely updates, irrespective of their chosen shopping platform. To ensure a seamless experience, Kim has implemented the following strategies:

  • Integration With Popular Marketplaces: Customers can browse and place orders across multiple channels including Shopee and TikTok, ensuring a unified experience. All orders are tracked in real-time under EasyStore.

  • Integration with Social Media PlatformsFacilitating easier searches for customers and providing the latest updates, these integrations aim to help customers make quicker purchasing decisions. 

The last thing they want to do is inform customers that the product they desire is unavailable due to an outdated listing or, worse yet, not even realizing that customers have placed an order.

3. Immersive In-Store Experience

Expanding and opening a retail store is one of the ways The Hype Room elevates the experience.

  • Personalised Experience: Customers are warmly greeted and personally assisted to try the products they desire, ensuring they receive the full and tailored shopping experience.

  • Effortless Exchange: Facilitating stress-free exchanges provides customers with a sense of ease and convenience.

  • Shopping Freedom: Granting customers the flexibility to shop on their terms, whether it's buying online or opting for in-store pickup.

4. Unified Online and Offline Integration

Crafting a cohesive shopping experience requires internal preparations to unify business operations seamlessly. 

  • Unified Membership Programs: The Hype Room introduces a tier-based membership system across all channels. This strategic approach is crafted to elevate the Average Order Value (AOV) and foster a consistent repeat purchase rate, irrespective of whether customers engage online or offline. The enhancement of customer value is achieved through the accumulation of exclusive points and access to special promotions.

  • Unified Inventory Management: By leveraging cloud-based inventory management practices, The Hype Room effectively mitigates the risk of overselling. This guarantees that customers won't need to reconsider their choices, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience, both online and in-store.

  • Mobile POS (mPOS) Implementation: Leveraging mPOS to expedite checkout processes, the cloud-based procedures enable The Hype Room to maintain a seamless online and offline experience simultaneously. For instance, the identification of members during checkout creates opportunities for upselling and cross-selling personalized products based on customers' preferences.

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6. Unified Staff Management

Now that the business systems are in place, let's talk about how it impacts staff management.

  • Operational Efficiency: Fast and streamlined operations facilitate easy learning and adoption. Staff members can independently monitor processes, promoting efficiency throughout the organization.

  • Brand Improvement: Elevating company branding is achieved through the delivery of excellent customer service. Staff members possess the knowledge of features necessary to provide the expected customer experience. 

For instance, performing rapid searches for inventory ensures customers encounter minimal wait times. Membership features streamline the identification of customers, cultivating a stronger connection.

7. Data-driven Insights To Personalise Customer Experiences 

Personalizing customer experiences involves using historical data and purchasing patterns to elicit similar responses from customers moving forward – essentially using past information to trigger future actions.

  • For new customers, this strategy involves leveraging past reports, sales data, and demographics of current customer groups to determine their preferences and prepare relevant inventory.

  • With loyal customers, the focus is on encouraging repeated purchases. This can be achieved through strategies such as broadcast announcements of exclusive launch, customised vouchers, and monitoring items in the customer's shopping cart. These personalized approaches aim to enhance the overall customer journey and foster loyalty.

Real Strategies, Real Impact, Real Evidence

In terms of day-to-day operations,

They dedicate a 30-minute to 1-hour timeframe to settle online customer orders. Once completed, they shift their focus to customers entering the store, enhancing in-store interactions. 

A noteworthy fact is that their physical store operates from 2 PM to 10 PM, targeting students during lunch hours and after class, strategically maximizing prime-time impact across online and offline channels.

In terms of customer experience,

Let's hear it directly from their customers! 

As a customer since 2018, I've always enjoyed shopping with them. For online shopping, the convenient checkout processes and easy login procedure make the entire experience super easy, even for someone who might be a bit of a slow learner. When it comes to the physical store, I appreciate the option to try on clothes and the ability to visit the store for refund or exchange procedures. This gives me a peace of mind when buying from them. It's been a fantastic journey with The Hype Room.

-  Ming En, Student, Loyal Shopper since 2018

I am an international student from a university nearby. I discovered their physical store while looking for food. Started shopping since June 2023. The customer service has been excellent, and the promotions are enticing. They always got the right sizes and good stock availability. I've been so impressed that I've recommended The Hype Room to my friends as well. 

- Forlan, International Student, Loyal Shopper Since 2023

This is the story of how they achieve 2x community growth annually, along with a 34% increase in revenue and a 40% rise in average order value (AOV), all attributed to providing a Unified Customer Experience powered by EasyStore.


The Hype Room specializes in fashionable streetwear and premium branded accessories, including attire, apparel, shoes, and collectibles. Some featured brands include Travis Scott Cactus Jack, DREWHOUSE, DONSMOKE, MASONPRINCE, and ESSENTIAL.

The Hype Room aims to provide diverse and affordable collection of streetwear, catering to individuals who have a genuine appreciation for the vibrant streetwear culture across all online, offline with exciting aspirations for global channels in the near future, filling us with hope and anticipation!

EasyStore is proud to be part of The Hype Room's journey, achieving our mission to empower retailers to manage online and offline operations, delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

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