EasyStore's Appreciation Night Unites Industry Leaders and Strengthens Collaborative Networks

By Kelie Wong · 21st March, 2024

EasyStore's Appreciation Night Unites Industry Leaders and Strengthens Collaborative Networks | EasyStore

EasyStore, a pioneering unified commerce solution in Malaysia, recently hosted a Partner Appreciation Night on March 21, 2024, at Komune Living Event Space in Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. 

This event celebrated the collaborative efforts of over 50 partners and industry players aimed at revolutionizing the retail landscape and empowering Malaysian businesses for success.

EasyStore extends heartfelt gratitude to esteemed partners, including MDEC, UOB Malaysia, Dattel, MATRADE, NinjaVan, ShopBack, Brandgeeks, Sidec, Surfstek, SunMi, Fiuu, Lazada Malaysia, TikTok Shop, SenangPay, GrabPay, GHL, Funding Societies, and POS Malaysia, for joining this remarkable event. 

EasyStore's Commitment To Lead The Way

Having originated as a website builder and then transitioning into a multi-sales channel solution provider, EasyStore has emerged as a Unified Commerce Solution, unifying online and offline operations for contemporary retailers and ecommerce proprietors. 

By staying at the forefront of industry trends, EasyStore ensures that businesses remain equipped to flourish within a dynamic market environment, facilitating expansion across online, offline, and international realms.

One notable milestone achieved is witnessing the transformation of over 200 retailers who embraced EasyStore's Unified Commerce Solution introduced to the market early last year. This significant achievement signifies the modernization of retailers, as they transition from traditional hands-on management to streamlining their entire business, enabling them to keep up with modern trends and meet the evolving preferences of customers.

Apart from serving as a platform, EasyStore has proactively engaged in educating business owners through the Commerce Tour, which encompasses seminars and webinars designed to bring out valuable strategies and industry insights. 

This initiative has equipped over 1000 entrepreneurs across Johor, Malacca, Ipoh, and KL since its inception in 2022, showcasing EasyStore's unwavering dedication to empowering entrepreneurs.

And of course, this achievement was not solely the result of EasyStore's efforts but also the invaluable contributions of its partners who played an essential role in the journey of these retailers.

Synergized and Gratified Success

The Partners Appreciation Night served as an opportunity to express gratitude to esteemed industry players who have been steadfastly supporting EasyStore across various fronts, including technical expertise, payment solutions, logistics, integrations support, marketing, customer service, financial services, product development, legal compliance, and networking. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in fostering the growth and success of EasyStore merchants.

Through the appreciation night, we set the stage to foster synergy and explored new opportunities for collaboration. With a shared vision of supporting Malaysian SMEs and accelerating their growth, participants eagerly anticipated further innovative collaborations to drive the economy forward.

A big shoutout to Lekor Bites for the delicious Malaysian lekor snacks that added an extra crunch to our conversations! Greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all!

Commerce Tour 2024

In 2023, the theme for the Commerce Tour was "Unified Commerce for Modern Retailers," which emphasized the important strategies that drive retail success in the modern world.

This year, EasyStore's Commerce Tour 2024 introduces a new theme "Let Business Helps Business," where we gather perspectives and first-person insights from successful Malaysian businesses to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth within the entrepreneurial community.

The objectives include empowering over 1500 Malaysian entrepreneurs, equipping businesses with tailored insights from sector leaders, and fostering collaboration and innovation. 

Key activities such as Commerce Dialogue, Commerce Tour, and Commerce Summit will provide platforms for businesses to share insights, strategies, and tools to accelerate growth and revenue.

Kicking off in May, the Commerce Tour 2024 invites brand owners and partners to participate in this dynamic initiative. For those interested in showcasing their brand or exploring partnership opportunities, please contact EasyStore.

Exciting Collaborations Ahead

EasyStore extends its sincerest gratitude to all our esteemed partners for their invaluable contributions and unwavering support. 

As we reflect on the past collaborations and successes achieved together, we are filled with deep appreciation for the dedication and commitment demonstrated by each partner.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the prospects of forging even stronger and more innovative collaborations in the future. Together, we envision a landscape where Malaysian businesses thrive, propelled by cutting-edge solutions, collaborative efforts, and shared aspirations for growth and prosperity.

Over 50,000 brands use EasyStore to unify their retail and ecommerce business.

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