Top 5 Apps Favoured By EasyStore Success Merchants

By Karyan Lee · 12th December, 2017

Top 5 Apps Favoured By EasyStore Success Merchants | EasyStore

2017 is coming to an end, we are truly humbled and honored to serve every single one of you. No matter how big or small is your business, we are glad that we can provide you a platform to make your dream and ideas come true. To wrap 2017 up, we are going to share what's the best apps to integrate in your EasyStore. 1) One of the most essential tool for a web store is live chat. is a live chat app that allows you to monitor and track your team overtime, check and review your chat history, as well as analyze performance. 2) Mailchimp If you should make a best friend in your business, that's your email marketing. Gone are the days where you place your ads on medium that do not target accurately at your target audience. With email marketing, you have the control of who sees your email with segmented leads and its cost effective. Mailchimp does great job in providing detailed report - Open rate, click rate, bounce rate, unique clicks rate and so on. It's easy to understand and allows you to design nice newsletter templates. 3) EasyParcel       They are web-based parcel consolidator and provides eCommerce shipping solution.With EasyParcel app, you do not need to add shipping method on your own. It'll help to quote the latest shipping rate accordingly from their site. Of course, your customers can choose the preferable courier services listed from EasyParcel. If you're selling your products abroad, EasyParcel is available to ship internationally too. 4) Facebook Login       Helping your customers to simplify sign-up process! Now with Facebook Login, you customers can register or sign in with just one click! Though it's just a simple step, you will still be able to capture authentic and reliable customer's data. 5) Discount Timer       Wish to drastically increase conversion? Enable discount timer to run sales promotion! It will help to trigger buyer's sense of urgency to purchase. You can put a segment of your store on sales, the whole store or selected products. Small note here, to run promotion on your EasyStore, it is available on Plus or Premium plan. Last but not least, other than these 5 apps, let us know which app is your favourite?