Product Photography 101 For Beginners

By Karyan Lee · 17th September, 2017

Product Photography 101 For Beginners | EasyStore

The look and feel for an eCommerce website play an impactful role for your business because the trustworthiness and credibility are often judged by it. 

So, what is the big part of having an eye-catching website? That is the quality of your product photography, as a picture speaks a thousand words.

If you’re just a beginner with your online store, it could be expensive if you source for good photography. As a company that works with many small businesses, we understand that sometimes money is just not here and the budget is tight. So here are some guides that you will find them useful.

Gears that you are going to need

1. Camera/ Camera Phone

You don’t need a crazy expensive camera to shoot for your products. You can start off with a handy camera ( like a mirrorless camera) and you can get it from the price ranging from RM1,800 to RM2,200 with at least 20MP. If you opt for a more affordable option, the mobile phone camera is a choice to go because your product shots will look fine even with an 8MP camera phone.

2. A tripod

To avoid blurry product shots, you will need a tripod to stabilize your camera while you are shooting. You don’t need a pricey tripod because an affordable one will work great. Affordable tripods can be found in many marketplace sites like Lazada, 11 Street and even TaoBao! 

3. Good lighting in the right room

Who says a good prop studio is needed when it comes to product shooting, the right room with good lighting is all you need to get stunning product photography done. Make sure the wall of the room is white and the light (it can be from natural sunlight) coming from the right direction to aid the shooting process. 

4. DIY background

Using too much white as background can be really cool and minimalistic, but sometimes it will be a tad bit of boring. You can DIY your own product shooting background to make your products look more attractive!  Watch the video below for more DIY background inspirations!

5. Free Apps you can use to edit your end results

Here are a few free photography apps we think are awesome and we would be sad if we don't share it with you!


VSCO Cam provides a variety of free and paid filters! The filter options provided are more than enough to play with! Each filter with different settings really enhance how your product look and feel.


We realize that sometimes when the photo was taken, some spots are too bright/ dark. It is difficult to adjust the brightness just in that specific area. Snapseed totally works that magic. It helps to “repair” that spot, tuning the brightness


Looking for an easy way to create attractive visuals? Typoroma lets you create it "automagically" with beautiful typographic fonts!