Marketing Trends You Should Follow In 2018

By Karyan Lee · 23rd November, 2017

Marketing Trends You Should Follow In 2018 | EasyStore

Marketing trends are like technology, always changing and evolving. It  may be hard for entrepreneur/ marketer to keep up but it's important to follow the trend because they do matter to our business.

Now, let's see what's the biggest marketing trend we can focus on 2018. 

Social Media Influencer Marketing

It is not something new but its been the talk of the town for quite some time now. It is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that influences the purchase decision of others. Social media influencers are "celebrity" in social media platform and they get endorsement to advertise in their social media platform. It is as powerful because they can reach large amount of audiences due to the number of followers they have in social media platform. Going viral in social medias are even more effective than in traditional media channel like TV, radio, newspaper etc. However, you will need to find the right social media influencer to engage and advertise your product. For an instant, if you are selling fashion clothing, it would only be appropriate and relevant to engage with fashion related social media influencers to advertise your clothing.

Live video

Live video is a deeper way to engage with your customers/ audiences as it provides real time interaction with them. You are able to get instant responses from your audiences through streaming live video. If you asked where could your live video feature in, it can be from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope or Twitch. Streaming live video provides real time sources and unique contents to your audience as the content is usually raw and unplanned, encouraging users to come back for more. Many brands today are using live video to do FAQ, showcasing their products or demonstrating on how to use their products. Businesses should take advantage of this freshness before it's too late. Direct Messages

There are many ways to use direct messaging to reach your consumers to reach your business goals. As we know that there are many users are using messaging app to communicate and the frequency used is as often as them using social medias. Direct messaging has always been a way to market your product and satisfying consumers' expectation. In fact, using direct messaging helps 1-to-1 conversational commerce successful and enhancing customers experience through live chat support.

Vlog It's known as video log. It can be a video generated by brand itself or hiring YouTubers (product placement in their videos) to do it. By vlogging, it gives a human/ realistic face to your company –which means customers have more personal, personable experience.

Since video marketing is on the rise, vlogging is an affordable option for startups and SMEs to join the bandwagon without stretching the budgets too thin. Vlogging helps brand to receive for social presence and enhance your brand identity as well.

Conclusion Entrepreneurs and marketers, while it is important to follow the trend so that we can grab a piece of the pie to gain awareness or social presence, it is even more essential to know which marketing trend will help your brand shine and stand out. So, let us know which marketing trend is your brand's cup of tea?