International Shipping Can Be So Easy

By Ming Zhen · 12th February, 2018

International Shipping Can Be So Easy | EasyStore

Do you still think that international shipping is expensive and complex? The truth is no, technology and services are improving day by day. Of course, the fees getting cheaper because of cost-effectiveness and technology. Don't stop yourself from moving toward international. Here's listed out top courier service companies and their international service as well. 

You may wonder why should take business globally? Check the benefits out and we hope you won't say NO anymore.?

  • Extend the sales life of existing products and services.
  • Reduce your dependence on domestic markets.
  • Tapping markets with different or even countercyclical fluctuations (seasonal changes or demand cycles)
  •  Improve the potential for expansion and growth.

We've prepared a list of the most affordable courier service for international shipment for you. Check it out.? (Best is at the end!)

International Air Parcel

Applied for a parcel containing small, urgent and light-weighted merchandise that transmitted by air. International Air Parcel comes with track and trace features.

International Surface Parcel

The surface parcel is less expensive but slower than air parcel and thus is preferred for large or bulky and heavy items transmitted by sea. International Surface Parcel is a more affordable option for the overseas destination, long delivery time and comes with track and trace features.

Pos Malaysia

Paket POSTerus ?Only for selected destinations in Indonesia including Jakarta, Java, Sumatera, Bali and Nusa Tenggara, based on postcodes. 

The pricing is based on the prepaid boxes and weight of the parcel, rates are much cheaper than other shipping costs. Normally reach within 10 working days subject to customs in Indonesia. The prepaid option makes it easier to manage your deliveries. Track & Trace system keeps you updated on

FlexiPack International

Other than two options above, here's the easiest and most affordable way to go whether you are making deliveries for your online business or sending packages to your family and friends overseas. Purchase prepaid FlexiPack International from any Pos Laju outlets, pack and drop it to the nearest post box or Post Malaysia outlet. All done, your parcel is ready to ship! Flexible, convenient and economical service you will want to try!


Last but not least, now we're telling you an option that even needs no to step out of the home to completed an international shipment. EasyParcel has launched an international Delivery service, all you need to do is simple and straightforward. Go to EasyParcel website sign up, provides your collection and delivery details together with the weight of your parcel and you will be given a list of pricing by different courier. You can then select the preferred one to go for that particular delivery. Pack the parcel and wait at your chosen location, the courier man will arrive and send your parcel. It turns all process into a click.✌ What’s the rate? Follow the gif image below to get instant quotes!

If you are not sure about how to enable international shipping on EasyStore. Click here.


With EasyStore e-commerce platform and the lowest rate on international shipping, we guarantee the lowest cost to go beyond the world, good luck!