How to sync retail stock to multiple ecommerce channels in 1 go!

By Kelie Wong · 9th April, 2024

How to sync retail stock to multiple ecommerce channels in 1 go! | EasyStore

If you clicked into this blog because the title caught your attention, let us guess... 

  • You are a retail-born business reaching a plateau for walk-in traffic and customers. 

  • You are desiring to capture and expand your customer base, perhaps even internationally.

  • You are looking to earn beyond your retail outlet without incurring extra overhead costs. 

As you start to analyze your next steps, you observe that your industry players already have a presence online, trying out TikTok Live, creating reels on Instagram, and selling through Shopee

Determined, you said to yourself... "Let's do it!" But how can we catch up to the years of effort they've put in? If you want to shortcut the trial and error process and make this sharp expansion across these channels at the same time - this is it. 

The Unheard Answer

Traditionally, with every sale, you might need to log into different platforms to update and then tally it on a google sheet or excel file. But this lead to oversell issues, which, in turn, can result in unhappy customers and complaints. 

Here's a fact - as it turns out, for every 1 customer who complains, there are already existing 26 unhappy customers who don’t say anything, and that could be our blind spot.

To ensure accurate inventory management between your online store and brick-and-mortar store, you can implement an Unified Inventory Management (UIM). 

Unified Inventory Management 

Unified Inventory Management ensures seamless updating of inventory levels across both platforms in real-time, reducing the risk of overselling products and eliminating the need for manual updates. 

Essentially, it means that when a sale occurs in the retail store, we need to ensure that the stock is automatically deducted from all online channels as well. It also ensures that product information and stock levels remain consistent across all platforms, minimizing the risk of overselling and streamlining operations. 

Here's the 3 main functions it should achieve: 

  • Consistent Product Offering: Set up a product once and sync it across all platforms, ensuring that descriptions and other details are linked consistently across all channels. 

  • Automated Inventory Updates: Any deduction in one channel will automatically deduct from all channels, keeping you aware of inventory levels in real-time. 

  • Bulk Order Fulfillment: Inventory is simply products waiting to be sold; it's essential to move them out swiftly, especially when fulfilling large orders. The system should facilitate the efficient processing of bulk orders.

Additional Responsibilities Automated Through EasyStore

Inventory data is never be a "nice to have", but a "must have". At EasyStore, we're committed to harnessing every piece of gathered data, converting it into actionable insights, and driving automation. Here's the added-values: 

  • Inventory Forecasting: Helps you identify stock that needs restocking based on existing sales data. No more overstocking underperforming items!

  • Sell Beyond Work Hours: With usual retail store operating hours from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, using online channels allows you to earn extra revenue even when your physical store is closed, maximizing product potential instead of letting them sleep on shelves during non-operating hours.

  • Inventory Adjustment for Specific Channels: We get it... you want to create scarcity. And different products have varying potential across those platforms whereas some might perform well only in retail. environments. Hence EasyStore allows you to adjust selling prices and inventory quantity for individual sales channels as needed.

  • 24/7 Product Inventory Manager: It doesn't just record stock; imagine it as your product inventory manager that assists you in tracking product revenue, margins, and other key metrics to optimize sales strategies and provide restock reminders.

  • Synced with membership program: Rewards are an important part of the customer shopping process. Margin is an important aspect of your reward program. This is where inventory management comes into place. You are able to oversee the products they bought across all the channels they purchase from you. Analyzing customer average order value (AOV) helps determine the best reward for them that does not eat into your margin, thus helping you anticipate demand as well.

  • Synced with EasyStore POS: When synced with POS, you can identify which products are available across all your channels. Imagine having 2 or more retail outlets, and there is no stock in the current outlet. Customers are keen to pick up in another outlet even when they are standing in front of you. You can easily combat this with data available on EasyStore POS. 

  • Stock transfer: Again, when you have 2 or more retail outlets, inventory transfer could be a lifesaver in times of oversale. And EasyStore has series of tools to make all inventory movement traceable.

3 Simple Steps To Sync 

1. Sign Up for an EasyStore Account

2. Upload Your Product 

3. Integrate Accounts And Configure Settings

Well, I get it theoretically, but how does it work in reality?

Essentially, you are digitalising your retail business and unifying it across all these channels you want to expand into. It's not just inventory but also orders, customers, memberships, and data across online and retail channels, centralized through a single back office.

Wait, wait, wait... digitalising is a BIG change, isn't it? Not true!

Book a call with our guru to find out how it can be easily incorporated into your business. Once we understand your business, we'll be able to advise you on your next steps!

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