How to make 100% commission through affiliate program

By Amirul Mokhtar · 29th September, 2016

How to make 100% commission through affiliate program  | EasyStore
If you ever tried to "Googling" the easy ways to make money online, affiliate marketing will definitely be one of the search results. No doubt, when people first started in affiliate marketing, all they wanted were to just make money. In order to ensure long term success, here're some tips you can refer to.

Help instead of sell

Instead of saying "Buy it now", you should first educate and help your audiences to learn why they should have it. People tend to look for reviews before they visit a cafe, purchase a product, book a hotel room, it same goes to you running your affiliate marketing. Share your opinion, tell them what benefits they are getting, guide them how to utilize it, not only they will thank you, but as well you get paid.

Test it

Try out the product/service at your own before sharing it to others. Putting yourself in the shoes of your audiences, see what will happen if they follow your advice. By this, you will be able to share the pros and cons of the product/service to your audiences, and the decision maker will always be themselves.
It doesn't matter how affordable it is, if you're not familiar with it, your affiliate marketing is not going to work.

Be selective

No doubt, you want to make as much money as you could. Frankly, the more affiliate programs you join, it doesn't mean the much money you can make. You will need to make sure whether the product/service fits your audiences, most importantly, would you use it? If yourself are not attracted by it, how do you influence your audiences to try it? Be selective and narrow down the programs you're joining. In this case, less is more.

Keep tracking

You will have your unique affiliate link when you signed up an affiliate program. Affiliate link works placing a cookie on your device, hold on, we're not talking about the cookie that can be eaten =) A cookie is a file that the website sends to your device, so next time when you visit, they will know who you are. When someone clicks the affiliate link, it will save a cookie onto the web browser and device the person using. It will then tell the site “Hey, this visitor has clicked on a link from this affiliate; if they purchase something, make sure you record how much they spent on the site.” So that if the visitor makes any purchases, you will be credited with their purchase. Tracking your commission from time to time is definitely a must. You will need to know who, when, how they make purchase. Making commission is cool, but knowing from where and how you made that commission is what makes you a better affiliate. It will help in growing and scaling your affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing requires self-motivation and consistency. Be focus on the programs you have joined, do not get distracted by the sudden "shiny" that come through your inbox, end up you will be chasing the "new idea" and abandon the programs at hand. This is surely not a good idea for making money in long term.

Wait, our title is about making 100% commission. 

Guess what? We have officially launched our Affiliate Program and we need your help. By becoming an affiliate, you will get commission for every customer that subscribes to any of the EasyStore plan through your affiliate link. You will get recurring commissions for as long as they continue to use EasyStore. Talk about passive income!

Here’s how it works

  • Register as an affiliate via your PayPal account (earnings will go to your PayPal account) 
  • Get your unique affiliate link & banner ads from the affiliate’s dashboard 
  • Start spreading the word about EasyStore 
  • A merchant subscribes EasyStore Plan 
  • You receive commission 

Earn 100% Commission

We’re not joking. In conjunction with the launch, we’re going to reward you with 100% commission when someone subscribes to EasyStore monthly plan through your affiliate link. 100% commission will be on their first payment and it will be 20% for every month onwards. You will also get 20% for yearly subscriptions. (Check out more)

Why join our affiliate program

At EasyStore, we treat our affiliates as partners. This means that we will work closely with you to make sure that you achieve your goals. Your feedback matters to us. You will also have access to marketing materials and knowledge base to help you promote and better understand how EasyStore works. EasyStore plans are affordable and the tools are easy to use. We focus on lowering the barrier for small businesses to start their own online store. This makes for an easier and faster onboarding process. With over 40 world-class apps, over 20 asian payment gateways, and support 8 Asian languages, EasyStore is easily the best choice for over 30,000 small businesses across Asia Pacific region. Start sharing and start earning today. But most important, lets work together!