How POS System Drive Modern Retail-Ecommerce Synergy to New Heights

By Kelie Wong · 10th March, 2024

How POS System Drive Modern Retail-Ecommerce Synergy to New Heights | EasyStore

In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail and ecommerce, the integration of mobile Point-Of-Sale (mPOS) systems has emerged as a key business asset in unifying online and offline realms.

For your business, it's about seamless omnichannel operations – managing orders, customers, inventory, sales, reporting, and business processes in real-time through a centralized solution.

For your customers, it's about a smooth and unified experience – zero wait time, personalized services, and a hassle-free journey whether they're shopping online or in-store. It's the bridge that makes things work effortlessly for both sides of the transaction.

This article delves into how mPOS serves as a transformative tool, maximising your potential and unifying customer experiences across online and offline channels. 

1. Unified Inventory Management

Unified Inventory Management is crucial for maintaining real-time tracking of inventory across both online and offline sales channels. It ensures that the availability of products is accurately reflected, preventing stockouts and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

  • Enhanced Product Management: Establish a comprehensive product database with details configured just once, seamlessly allocating it across online, offline, and bazaar channels.

  • Real-time Inventory Sync: Experience automatic deduction of stock with every online or offline sale, ensuring clear visibility of stock availability and facilitating restocking.

  • Traceable Stock Transfers: Every inventory movement, including stock transfers between retail or bazaar stores, is meticulously traced and documented for optimal visibility and control.

2. Unified Sales Process

Record every transaction and sales made across all channels in one backend. Offer in-store pickup for online customers and the ability to place pre-orders at retail locations with delivery via courier services. 

  • Enquire Online, Convert Offline: Turn online inquiries into offline purchases by leveraging each interaction to gain insights into customer preferences. EasyStore's in-cart item visibility allows you to identify actively considered items, empowering employees to provide personalized assistance for successful in-store transactions.

  • Buy Online, Pickup In-Store: Allow customers to shop online and pick up their purchases in-store swiftly. The mPOS seamlessly integrates with online orders, enhancing the convenience of the BOPIS experience.

  • Buy In Store, Ship To Customer: Elevate the customer journey with direct shipping options. The mPOS ensures a smooth process from order placement to doorstep delivery, extending the retail experience beyond the physical store.

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3. Unified Membership Program

Members enjoy personalized benefits, including dynamic rewards points, tier-based memberships, and access to exclusive perks through the Member app, online store, and all retail outlets.

  • Dynamic rewards points: Customers enjoy the flexibility of using vouchers and points, whether they're at your outlets or online channels, making the membership experience unified and rewarding across all outlets and online store. 

  • Tier-based membership program: Recognize and appreciate the varying levels of loyalty within your customer base by offering tier-specific benefits. As customers ascend through reward tiers, they unlock increasingly valuable perks, creating a dynamic and motivating loyalty structure.

  • Member App: Elevate customer shopping journey with our Member App—a personalized shopping journal to track product wishlist, receive updates, access purchase history or to connect directly with staff via in-app Live Chat feature. Our aim is to empower business owners, providing features that upgrade and enrich the experience for your valued customers.

  • Members-Only Invites: Initiate promotional campaigns enticing customers with exclusive in-store events, creating an elevated and premium shopping experience.

4. Unified Staff Management

EasyStore POS features an interface designed meticulously around daily business workflows. New staff can quickly adapt without extensive training, ultimately saving owners valuable time.

  • Multi-Outlet Staff Access: Allow simultaneous logins for multiple staff across different outlets. Tailor access limits for each team member, enhancing operational control and efficiency while ensuring secure management.

  • Staff Shift Management: Optimize workforce management where staff can seamlessly check in for their shifts, input opening and closing balances, enhancing accountability and accuracy in daily operations.

  • Shift Reporting: Gain insights into staff performance. Track sales performance for each staff member's shift, empowering owners to identify top performers and optimize staffing strategies for success.

5. Unified Back Office 

A Unified Back Office serves as the backbone of operational efficiency, seamlessly integrating administrative tasks and centralizing functions for streamlined coordination.

  • Collect First-Party Data: Gather valuable first-party data to enhance customer understanding and inform strategic decision-making. The Unified Back Office ensures a centralized repository for customer information, fostering personalized interactions and targeted strategies.

  • Unified Online and Offline: Manage every aspect of your online and offline business, catering to customers across all touchpoints in their shopping journey. This unified approach ensures a cohesive and integrated experience.

  • Business Sustainability and Scalability: As your operations expand, the system caters to increased demand, ensuring continued efficiency and effectiveness. Scale into new online and offline channels with ease, promoting sustainability and growth for your business.

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[NEW] EasyStore mPOS has a fresh look!🔴

We are thrilled to bring a brand new loook to our mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS).

This facelift is meticulously crafted with you and your team in mind, ensuring an elevated checkout experience for your customers, especially during the hustle and bustle of peak operations. 

With easy access to data insights, handy shortcuts, and seamless automation, it is now easier to deliver a Unified Customer Experience that customers love! 

What's New?

  • Craft Your Perfect Checkout: Customisable quick actions and navigations to shape the ideal checkout experience tailored to your business needs. Decide effortlessly which clicks matter most.

  • Smart Discount Insights: Harness the power of dynamic, customer-centric tools. Capture both new and existing customers with smart discount insights, delivering a seamless, personalized, and connected shopping experience.

  • Universal Scan and Search: Scan products, customers, and orders seamlessly at your fingertips, redefine efficiency, ensuring every detail is within reach for smoother transactions.

  • Efficiency Redefined with Staff-Friendly Interface: Experience swift and engaging checkouts with our redesigned UI/UX interface, easily mastered by both new and existing staff, particularly valuable during bustling bazaar sales. Keep the momentum without compromising on engagement. 

How To Activate?

For App Version (Mobile / Tablet)

1. Log into EasyStore App

2. Activate “Point-Of-Sale”

3. Click on 3-dot icon at top left corner > "Try The New Version” > Relaunch App

For Web Version

1. Log into 

2. Activate “Point-Of-Sale”

3. Click on 3-dot icon at top left corner > "Try The New Version”

Revolutionise Your Modern Retail Journey 

From streamlined inventory and sales processes to cohesive membership programs and staff management, mPOS enhances efficiency and customer experience. 

The latest EasyStore mPOS update adds a staff-friendly interface and smart tools for an elevated checkout experience, emphasizing the importance of staying technologically advanced. 

Embrace mPOS to seamlessly integrate online and offline strategies, ensuring sustained growth and a unified customer journey.

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