FREE Mother's Day Newsletter Templates

By Melissa Poh · 5th April, 2018

FREE Mother's Day Newsletter Templates | EasyStore
Mother's Day is around the corner, you should grab this chance to hit your sales target! Always wanted to do it but lacking ideas? I have sort it out for you with the prepared newsletter templates. What you need to do is download your preferred images and modify the content (if needed) to fit your online business.


Then, what's more? Send it to all of your customers =) This post includes:
  • Newsletter content ideas
  • Newsletter banner samples
  • Call to action (CTA) ideas
  • Subject line ideas

Newsletter content ideas

Template 1: Hurray! It’s Mother's Day! Mom-being, you deserve a HUGE instant discount! We’re running a one-week promotion where you can enjoy up to 50% of any product on our website. Promotion is just started minutes ago, grab your desired item before someone did *wink*
Template 2: Mama says let’s enjoy the day together! So, let’s enjoy this MAverlous day with us. We’re throwing a huge sales, you wouldn’t want to miss it, ahaaaaa……… Secretly telling you that you can enjoy up to 50% discount when you shop with us between {date} and {date} (Shhhhhhhh!!!)
Template 3: M-O-T-H-E-R-S D-A-Y  I-S   H-E-R-E You’re not going to deny this…… You love to involve in this, don’t you? As this going to be the deal ever! FREE shipping for the entire {country} order with no spending limit. We want your Mother's Day to be awesome as our deal. You shop, we bear the shipping cost!

Newsletter banner samples

Download PDF file

Call to action (CTA) ideas

Call to action 1: Enjoy 50% proMOMtion today! Call to action 2: Grab limited time offer for Mama Call to action 3: Shop with MAverlous discount!

Subject line ideas

Subject line 1: 50% discount for this MOMent Subject line 2: [Invitation] Exclusive proMOMtion for today Subject line 3:  What Mom Really, Really Wants I hope that this post does give you a hand in creating your newsletter, if you love this, please share it with your friends, okay? ?