EasyStore x NinjaVan Aims To Help Local SMEs Conquer Crossborder eCommerce

By Nadia Amir · 15th May, 2023

EasyStore x NinjaVan Aims To Help Local SMEs Conquer Crossborder eCommerce | EasyStore

In today's globalized world, crossborder commerce has become increasingly crucial for the growth and expansion of businesses. However, for many Malaysian SMEs, venturing into the realm of international trade presents a myriad of challenges. To address this, EasyStore, a renowned e-commerce platform, and NinjaVan, a leading logistics provider, have joined forces to host a Masterclass focused on empowering Malaysian SMEs in crossborder e-commerce. This article explores the common challenges faced by these SMEs and how EasyStore and NinjaVan's capabilities can help SMEs overcome them more easily with our solutions.

Challenge #1: Limited Market Access

One of the primary obstacles faced by Malaysian SMEs in going crossborder is limited market access. Expanding beyond local borders requires understanding international markets, regulations, and cultural nuances. Many businesses struggle with identifying the right target markets and adapting their strategies to suit the preferences and demands of overseas consumers.

Solution #1: Global Integrations & Multi-Currency Capabilities

EasyStore's capabilities come into play here by providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify crossborder e-commerce. With EasyStore, businesses can easily create multi-language and multi-currency online stores, allowing them to cater to diverse international markets. Furthermore, EasyStore's integration with popular social media channels such as Facebook Shop & Facebook Live, Instagram, TikTok and more allows businesses to not only be seen by customers globally through these platforms, but to capture the sales coming from international customers easily.

Challenge #2: Logistic & Fulfillment Challenges

Logistics and fulfillment pose significant challenges for businesses looking to engage in crossborder e-commerce. Coordinating international shipping, managing customs procedures, and ensuring timely and reliable delivery can be complex and costly. Moreover, SMEs often lack the resources and expertise to navigate these logistical hurdles effectively, one being that the platform SMEs use, are not integrated with logistic providers that do not support international deliveries.

Solution #2: International Shipping Integrations with the Right Partner

EasyStore's partnership with NinjaVan bridges this gap by offering integrated logistics and fulfillment solutions. NinjaVan's extensive network and expertise in first and last-mile delivery allow SMEs to streamline their shipping processes and provide end-to-end visibility for their crossborder orders. By leveraging NinjaVan's robust infrastructure, businesses can ensure efficient, reliable, and cost-effective shipping solutions, thus improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational complexities. NinjaVan's fast delivery can send customer's parcels no longer than 5 days to Singapore and no longer than 22 days to Indonesia and Philippines.

Challenge #3: Payment Gateways and Currency Conversion

Another common challenge for Malaysian SMEs entering crossborder commerce is dealing with payment gateways and currency conversion. Different countries have varied payment preferences and regulations, making it necessary for businesses to offer multiple payment options and navigate complex currency conversion processes. This can be both time-consuming and cumbersome for SMEs with limited resources.

Solution #3: Seamless Integration with International Payment Providers

EasyStore comes to the rescue with its seamless integration of multiple payment gateways and support for various currencies. SMEs can effortlessly set up a range of payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and popular international payment platforms. Additionally, EasyStore provides real-time currency conversion, ensuring that customers can shop in their preferred currency, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and increasing conversion rates.

Challenge #4: Higher Cost of International Customer Acquisition

Expanding into new markets often requires  investments in marketing, advertising, and customer acquisition strategies. Limited resources and unfamiliarity with overseas markets can make it difficult for SMEs to efficiently attract and retain international customers, resulting in a possible lower return on investment.

Solution #4: Implementing a Global Unified Loyalty Program

EasyStore's unified loyalty program solution is designed to increase customer lifetime value by encouraging repeated purchases from both local and international customers. SMEs can offer exclusive discounts, rewards, and personalized experiences to their international customers, creating a sense of loyalty and incentivizing their customers to return for future purchases.

EasyStore's features enable SMEs to segment their customer base according to various criteria, such as location, purchasing behavior, and preferences. By understanding their international customers better, businesses can tailor marketing campaigns and promotions to specific segments, maximizing the effectiveness of their customer acquisition efforts and increasing customer lifetime value.The collaboration between NinjaVan and EasyStore marks an exciting opportunity for Malaysian SMEs to overcome the common challenges of crossborder commerce. By leveraging EasyStore's capabilities, businesses can expand their market reach, optimize logistics and fulfillment processes, navigate payment gateways, and create global marketing strategies to acquire new customers and retain existing customers.Planning to go global?Contact us to schedule a demo on more of our features and capabilities to help your business go international today!