EasyStore's Brand New Point-Of-Sale Redefines Modern Retail Service Standards

By Kelie Wong · 1st March, 2024

EasyStore's Brand New Point-Of-Sale Redefines Modern Retail Service Standards | EasyStore

In today's fast-paced retail landscape, delivering superior and Unified Customer Experience is a non-negotiable priority. Modern consumers demand efficiency, personalization, and seamless transitions between online and offline shopping. 

EasyStore's brand-new mPOS is at the forefront of this revolution, not just recording transactions but also deepening customer engagement. 

Designed with the tools you need to capture every opportunity to bring your customer relationship to the next level, it serves as a key business asset to unify your operations for greater scalability.

Let's explore how this innovative system transforms your modern retail journey. 

1. Speeding Up Transactions

  • Short Waiting Time (No more than 15 minutes): Time is of the essence for modern shoppers. Seamlessly transform any device – whether it's a phone or tablet – into your POS to efficiently serve more customers in one go, ensuring a smooth and expedited shopping experience.

  • 99.9% Successful Payment: Nearly 8 in 10 customers abandon their carts if their preferred payment method is unavailable. EasyStore supports NFC, TNG, eWallet, Cash, Credit Card and BuyNowPayLater (BNLP) payment methodscatering to diverse preferences. What's more, our extensive network includes partnerships with 50+ payment providers, providing a secure payment experience that customers trust and businesses rely.

  • Offline-Ready POS: In low internet areas or during outages, EasyStore POS seamlessly functions in offline mode. Once reconnected, your orders, sales, and customer database will be automatically synchronized. 

2. Shortest Journey to Checkout Order

  • Customisable Quick Actions and Navigations: Tailor the ideal checkout flow with customizable quick actions based on your business needs. Ensure that every click matters. Customers experience an efficient checkout journey that positions your business as the go-to option, delivering seamless transactions with style.

  • Universal Scan and Search: Redefine the checkout process with a unified system for seamless scanning of products, customers, and orders – it's all at your fingertips.

  • Staff-Empowered Interface: EasyStore mPOS boasts a user-friendly interface designed for swift and engaging checkouts, especially crucial during bustling bazaar sales. 

3. Easiest Journey to Know Your Customer

  • Simplified Membership Sign Up: A friendly prompt for customer details – name, number, or email, seamlessly enrolls them in your membership system while facilitating your customer database growth.

  • Loyal Member Identifier: A quick barcode scan or the provided details above easily allows staff to identify loyal members. A customer insights dashboard will also appear, offering valuable information on preferences, purchase history, and order details, facilitating personalized interactions and efficient order management.

  • Smart Discount Insights: During checkout, our POS system dynamically updates and presents the maximum or available promotions or discounts for each customer, ensuring they can always redeem their benefits. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also empowers staff to drive better interactions, making each transaction a seamless and rewarding experience.

  • Send Voucher: Proactively send vouchers to customers before they reach the checkout counter, strategically maximizing the impact of that final push. This approach proves highly effective in encouraging customers to confidently seal the deal.

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How To Activate?

For App Version (Mobile / Tablet)

1. Log into EasyStore App

2. Activate “Point-Of-Sale”

3. Click on 3-dot icon at top left corner > "Try The New Version” > Relaunch App

For Web Version

1. Log into https://admin.easystore.co/login 

2. Activate “Point-Of-Sale”

3. Click on 3-dot icon at top left corner > "Try The New Version”

How mPOS Bridges Your Retail and Ecommerce Operations

1. Unified Inventory Management

Unified Inventory Management is crucial for maintaining real-time tracking of inventory across both online and offline sales channels. It ensures that the availability of products is accurately reflected, preventing stockouts and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

2. Unified Sales Process

Record every transaction and sales made across all channels in one backend. Offer in-store pickup for online customers and the ability to place pre-orders at retail locations with delivery via courier services. 

3. Unified Membership Program

Members enjoy personalized benefits, including dynamic rewards points, tier-based memberships, and access to exclusive perks through the Member app, online store, and all retail outlets.

4. Unified Staff Management

EasyStore mPOS features an interface designed meticulously around daily business workflows. New staff can quickly adapt without extensive training, ultimately saving owners valuable time.

5. Unified Back Office 

A Unified Back Office serves as the backbone of operational efficiency, seamlessly integrating administrative tasks and centralizing functions for streamlined coordination.

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Make Sales Anytime, Anywhere

Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop Friendly

Businesses requiring extra features like receipt printing and tap-to-pay capabilities can utilize EasyStore POS on compatible devices such as Sunmi to fulfill their specific requirements.

Third Party Hardwares

Businesses requiring extra features like receipt printing and tap-to-pay capabilities can utilize EasyStore POS on compatible devices such as Sunmi to fulfill their specific requirements.

Dual Screen POS Experience

Take advantage of the Dual Screen POS functionality, also known as customer display screen. Set images to display on a secondary screen, enhancing the visual experience for both your staff and customers.

How To Set Up mPOS On Any Device

Deliver Superior Shopping Experiences Through Modern Retail POS Innovations

In conclusion, EasyStore's brand new mPOS isn't just a point-of-sale system; it's a comprehensive solution designed to drive superior customer experiences. 

From speeding up transactions to deepening customer relationships and seamlessly bridging retail and ecommerce operations, the mPOS is a game-changer in the modern retail landscape. Embrace the future of retail with EasyStore's innovative mPOS solution.

Over 50,000 brands use EasyStore to unify their retail and ecommerce business.

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