EasyStore Latest Updates: April - June 2021

By Yavini Lucille · 3rd July, 2021

EasyStore Latest Updates: April - June 2021 | EasyStore

Welcome back to our product update blog! 

If you’ve been following our blog updates, you’ve probably already seen the way we helped all business owners, from offering free single sales channels to improving sales channel management in the EasyStore. Now we’re happy to introduce the important upgrades to help your businesses get more exposure among the online crowd. 

As we venture into the next new quarter of 2021, here are the updates you should know.Here’s a rundown of the new features and tools you can now take advantage of. Drumroll, please….

1. [Apps] Infinite Scrolling: No more waiting for scrolling the website

It allows your customers to continually scroll the content page without interruption so long as they continue to visit your online store.

The products on the website will automatically load and it indirectly helps to:

- Shorten customers' browsing time

- Enhance customers' buying process

- Mobile-friendly

How does it work on your website? Read more

2. [Channel] Enhancement on Facebook Catalog

Attention to Facebook sellers! It's well worth your time to explore some key updates that you might need to take note of:

- Choose to publish or unpublish the products to Facebook Catalog

- Specify the Facebook Products Category field for each product (which is highly recommended from Facebook)

- Specify fields recommended by Facebook (based on selected Facebook Products Category)

- Sync more details synchronisation

Learn more with our help article now!

3. [Apps] Grab customers' attention with new design labels

How to get people to notice your business? Here's the shortcut!

Add custom labels to your products on the online store, either choosing from your own customized words or selecting an existing label image.

Tips: You can apply selected products or even all products with your customizable labels now!

4. [Logistics] Introducing new overseas partner

JANIO Logistics

Here we have another logistic service for you that supports multiple delivery/shipping to Southeast Asia countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand). 

You can also bulk fulfil your orders and download the Airway bill (AWB) to simplify the order fulfilment process & reach customers faster.

How does it work in EasyStore? Continue reading

5. [Payment] Introducing updates from local and overseas partners

a. (New) HitPay Singapore

Good news for Singapore's businesses! The local’s choice of online payment solution has now been integrated into EasyStore. With such, PayNow is finally available for EasyStore's merchants!

PayNow also defines as “pay right now” that offers a fast and secure payment method that is widely used in Singapore. This has definitely set to make e-payment adoption simpler for both businesses and individuals, especially on e-commerce.

Of course, there's an exclusive transaction fee for EasyStore merchants. Wish to know more? Continue reading.

b.  senangPay

Get the whole look-and-feel checkout process with multi-currency for Stripe. Accept payment anywhere with up to 8 currencies: MYR, USD, EUR, IDR, THB, JPY, AUD & GBP.


6. [Channel] Shopee & Lazada coins/vouchers are available as payment options

We know that more and more customers love to use Shopee & Lazada coins/vouchers as one of their payment methods during online shopping.The coins/vouchers from Shopee & Lazada all will be captured automatically and you can find them in every transaction from these two channels. Be sure to check out the ways to encourage people to shop at your shops.

7. [App] Let Your Product Stand Out From Competitors via Personalization

Ecommerce is undoubtedly one of the most rapid growth industries, where this also means that more sellers are here to compete. Hence, you have to ensure that your products can stand out from the market. Otherwise, you will be looped in the price war forever. How? Personalization is the key!With personalization, you can:

  • Charge higher price
  • Differentiate your product
  • Generate word of mouth

Our merchants are already taking the opportunity to sell better. If they can do it, you too can do it, even better!

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8. [Channel] Create a social page via Instagram Bio Shop

Instagram Bio Shop refers to a page that showcases your products with the Instagram interface. Not only a place to sell, but it also acts as an information hub that shares important links to your followers and directs them to the link you want them to be. 

No more extra plug-ins for putting links on your Instagram bio. You can now edit your profile and add multiple links (up to 10 links!) with Instagram Bio Shop. 

9. [Customer] Enhanced saved search for customers information

Saved search exists to help you eliminate the problem of overlooked customer groups. It's a saved set of categories that returns the latest information that meets the criteria.

For instance, if you want to reference customer groups that contain customers from Facebook and LINE, you can create a saved search with that criteria.

10. [Product] Increase your Google ranking by editing image title (alt tags)

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for anyone who wishes to have more exposure on their online store with organic traffic (free).

In EasyStore, you are free to edit meta descriptions of your websites, pages and even images now to improve your SEO.

11. [Orders] Recover lost sales with enhanced abandoned shopping carts

Every abandoned cart is considered your sales, and as a business owner, you wouldn't want to let your money fades away just like that. With EasyStore, up to 60% of your lost sales can be recovered with our automated abandoned cart recovery system.

You can now send reminders to bring back lost sales from potential customers with a renewed interface. It shows the email status and also recovery status, telling you that whether the customers have continued the carts.

12. [Channel] Increase qualified traffic to your site with our upgraded Facebook Live

Having live streaming on Facebook at least 4 times each month to show off your brand's personality, engage in two-way conversations, and drive customers to your online store/WhatsApp order form/Instagram. 

You can even create and schedule posts within EasyStore so that your outreach is housed all in one place. Continue reading to know the newest features available.

13. [Channel] New sales channel launch: Telegram & WeChat order form

Since launch, we've seen many businesses use the WhatsApp Order Form to create a more seamless WhatsApp ordering process and sell more with it.Today we're introducing new updates that help businesses to expand business by using Telegram & WeChat Order Form within EasyStore. How does it work? Read more.

14. [Channel] Meet the new Google family: Google Ads

All businesses love to reach potential customers. boost brand's visibility, and drive more sales. One of the ways to make it would be Google Ads.

In EasyStore, you are able to:

  • Place your Google advertisement (Smart Campaigns)
  • Pause, resume or remove the ads that built
  • Track the performance

Dealing with the changes

Inevitably, some trends will fall out of favour and fade away as fads. When you sell online, you are competing against the best experience the customer has access to either online or offline. 

You don't want your eCommerce business to out of date. The visitors to your site will always expect a simplified, seamless, and personalized service. You should start doing something with that information if you are not already. That is no excuse for ignorance.