April Fool's Day Promotion Techniques

By Janson Tan · 4th March, 2018

April Fool's Day Promotion Techniques | EasyStore

Wouldn't you think people will have comparably higher awareness on April Fool Day? Yes, with this special event, everyone will doubt almost everything that comes into their eyes and having a hard time to believe. Therefore, an attractive huge discount wouldn't help much for the sales on this day. Now, I would like to share some tips to tackle down this tricky issue. Here is the main issue to be resolved. Most of the people will think that the promotions on the April Fool's day are fake and just laugh at it and walk away. Alright, we need to make the customers enter into the marketing top funnel by using certain psychologic methods. The method is to blast the promotion message just before they built up their awareness and include the self-deprecating message to induce them to click on the CTA button. With this approach, I believe your business can get good sales results by lowering down the suspicion from customer themselves. So, here's how I would suggest. I'm going to show an example to help you build an effective marketing campaign around for the April's Fool Day! Enjoy!

Definitely, this words/design copy will be very eye-catching specifically on April Fool's day.

  • Impossible and incredible discount value to catch attention. (e.g. 0% Off).
  • Valuable cash voucher to attract the purchase order (e.g. $20 Cash Voucher).
  • Call to action (CTA) button to get the visitors into the marketing funnel (e.g. "Claim Now" button). 

Providing some iterations on the copywriting of the promotion of April's Fool day.

Marketing content ideas

Template 1: 
Totally not lying, we're serious!  We are giving away a whole-week long cash discount before the April's Fool Day!
Template 2: 
Yes, it is 0% discount promotion and we are serious about it. In additon, we give you $20 cash voucher too. Remember to use it before it expired. 
Template 3: 
No worry! While other business are joking around, we are sincerely giving good promotion for you to enjoy today! 

I hope that you can celebrate this special day to boost your sales too.