5 Reasons Why your Emails go to Spam

By Claire Lee from GetResponse · 7th January, 2019

5 Reasons Why your Emails go to Spam | EasyStore

You spend hours carefully crafting the perfect content for your subscribers. You hit send, kick back with a cup of coffee, and wait for the responses to roll in. But then you spot something: your email has ended up in the dreaded spam folder.

What happened? Here are 5 reasons why your emails might be marked as spam:

1. You don’t have permission

This is the most likely scenario: your subscribers didn’t give their OK to hear from you. This is the golden rule of email marketing – and there are many spam laws to protect people from unsolicited emails. To get permission, simply place an opt-in form on your website so visitors can sign up to your list.

2. Your subject line and content don’t match

If you mislead subscribers with a seductive subject line that doesn’t match the email content, they’re more likely to report you for spam. So make sure the subject and content are aligned, to boost relevancy and engagement.

3. There’s no unsubscribe link

Even if you think subscribers will love your emails, you still need an unsubscribe link so they can opt out. If you remove it, you risk spam complaints or even a fine.

4. You use spam trigger words

Some words and phrases can trigger spam filters – so it’s best to avoid them in your subject lines and content. Here are a few examples:

· No credit card needed

· Buy direct

· Pure profit

· No cost

· Take action now!

Here’s a full list of spam words and phrases. 

5. You email inactive addresses 

List hygiene is key to keeping good email deliverability. If you regularly send to inactive email addresses, spam filters will penalize your domain and ISP. And that means your future emails are more likely to end up in the spam folder. 

Every three to six months, it’s a good idea to remove any addresses that haven’t engaged with your emails.

That’s it! Now you know the top 5 reasons why emails end up as spam. We hope these tips and insights help you get better deliverability in the future.

Good luck!


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