10 Awesome Mobile Apps that Advertiser Shouldn't Miss

By Janson Tan · 20th July, 2017

10 Awesome Mobile Apps that Advertiser Shouldn't Miss | EasyStore
Ever feel like you are throwing your money into the black hole when you are running Facebook Ads? You are not alone, there are many marketers who are scratching their heads about which way to optimize the Facebook ads too. For those small players in the Facebook Ads game, the most common question that they are always asking is 
What is the key element in creating a great ad? 
In fact, there is no 100% completely correct way to make a good ad, we just need to be roughly right but not deadly wrong. When scrolling through the Facebook Feeds every day, we can easily find many very attractive ads with very high volume of likes, comments, and shares, so we start to think that these company had the rich cash to hire professionals and using the highly expensive instruments to build their ads. But this is not always true! We wanted to highlight that there is one piece of technology which all of us have access to design great ads. 
Mobile Phone
In today, most of the mobile phone is well equipped with superb camera and tons of free turnkey apps that empower you to make the same world class advertising for your own business. Yes ! This is true. We strongly advocate the advertisers to remix your ads materials with several App and the results would be favorable. 
We have gathered some examples of business who transform their existing asset into great ads to inspire you. And most importantly, they are only using the free mobile apps which are able to be accessed by you too.

Gif-like Video

According to Facebook, “shorter videos get more complete views.” as the shorter video, the more likely to get full video view. Thus, this is where GIFs become insanely valuable. GIFs are eye catching and stand out of images. 
Jelly Skateboards wanted to show that they offer a variety of colored, clear skateboards while also maintaining their hip brand's aesthetic. Therefore, using the images on their website and a GIF generating app to create the GIF ads is a very good idea.

According to one of the research titled with "Unexpected Changes In Direction of Motion Attract Attention." by University of Sydney, Australia, the researcher conclude that unexplained changes in motion direction attract attention. In this case, don't you think that the Boomerang function has a nice ring to it? Definitely, the GIF produced by the Boomerang will have unexplained movement direction which grabs people's attention easily. 

The Inspiralized shot their ads by utilizing this concept. Moreover, they also faked the background by using a foam core covered in contact paper to create a fancy kitchen feel. Here's their artwork:

Video Editing

Over 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook - that's more video that you could watch in 11,000 years. Joining the videos advertising party is not that hard, let's see how this business owner tackle it. 
Pop-up Plus wanted to make the product catalog more visually engaging for the feed. They found a really cool and easy way to turn those image with white backgrounds into super fun photos. It was simple, they used a cutout app to create visuals and put them through Videoshop to add text and movement.

Photo to Video

Remixing all the photos asset into one video could be an affordable way to create world class ads. 
Living Proof wanted to increase the brand awareness. However, it just can't get more engagement with plain text and image. Therefore, they use Giphy Cam, Videoshop and Legend to create ads that brought the product benefit of Living Proof to life.

At this point, you may wonder how to master these skills. I would say.
Get your hands dirty, never lose hope and most importantly have fun!